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Outta here! You’re dead!



dont reply
we can see you typing




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***************** OUTTA HERE!!!
CD let me post this



I won’t flag you if you post it

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108 likes now…

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i think u mean 109



And I can help it if people don’t vote for me?

I have literally played the most open game I could. I have given my honest opinion and thoughts and given good reasons for all the votes I made.

And just because you claim the opposite, doesn’t make it so.

Fair enough.

Which could be part of the strategy to distance him from you. As could having an “employee” make your accusations for you.

It was 5-7, one flipped vote from NoElim to @TheFlash it would have gone to a discobot roll.

Which you have been reiterating over and over in this game. Maybe just so you can pull it off later?

I’m done…for real this time. If anyone else has any suspicions of me that they would like for me to clear up, please let me know. I will be glad to answer. Please look out for bandwagon votes to start piling on. I look for mars_james and scout to pile their votes on soon. I will not vote Squirrel in retaliation, but this entire exchange has raised my suspicion of him.



Vote Count

  • Scout6088 (2) brandn03, Hailey.faiella
  • brandn03 (1) Squirrel2412


Fair, but the fact that you said why I was suspicious of you before I could say it makes me feel better. But noted for next game…



I love how a simple sticker on our bot has caused so much fuss.

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Well, I’m currently 3d printing a 120-sided dice.

If you’re dead, don’t reply to this, but comment in the dead chat.

Also, this is it at full size, 100% infill

And multiply the given time by 125%. That’s the actual time, so that would be…
18 days, 4 hours, 27 minutes, 30 seconds approximately. Also, about a mile of filament, weighs around 11 pounds, $64.00 with the cheapest filament I can find ($12/roll). It’s equivalent to about 5 rolls of the stuff, so… I don’t know that that’s possible.



Anyone who wants the STEP to play with/print from, here you go: 120 sided dice.STEP (167.9 KB)
I also need to make some modifications to how it’s printed:



Looks like a clay Death Star



nice I am doing AP physics C hw rn too lol



Fair point.

In my experience (wow, I’ve said that a lot… maybe I should stop :thinking:), coming up with plausible reasons for vote somebody out isn’t terribly difficult. It’s also not terribly easy, but the point (I’ve said that word a lot too… I should probably get a thesaurus) remains that it is not unfeasible, especially if you had fellow mafia brainstorming ideas as well.

Touche (although I would like to point out that you quoted me quoting you), which may get a bit confusing.

Good point.

Valid, and appeals to the minorly paranoid side of my brain, for what it’s worth.

…I mentioned that once (this was in reference to pointing out my own suspicious behavior) in response to @Bepwei. Besides, telling @Bepwei not to trust this kind of behavior would make it harder for me to pull off, not easier.

Then again, a lot of my reasoning stems from my own experiences playing mafia, which probably are different than how others play mafia, so that could very well be flawed.

With that in mind,I’ll reevaluate my reads after this post to make sure I’m not missing something, so be aware that I may change my vote.

But of course! Even if we’re both town, being voted for definitely makes you more suspicious of that person.



Yeah, my bad. It must have been someone else that mentioned it before. I though it was you.



I think playing mafia with you outside of CD is making you twice as hard to read — on one hand, I could see how you’re innocent town. But on the other hand, I’ve watched you mislead people to the point of winning when you are mafia, so I’ll always have some suspicion about you.

With that in mind, @brandn03 has raised a lot of good points for other people, so I think I’ll …

/vote @Scout6088

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Vote Count

  • Scout6088 (3) brandn03, Hailey.faiella, mika1820
  • brandn03 (1) Squirrel2412


I as well think @brandn03 made a very good argument about his suspect.
/vote @Scout6088