FRCM5 Thread

  • annnnnd u liked the jar jar joke


Phone pings
Pulls it out and sees TheFlash
“**** NOW YOU ******* THINGY!”
Chucks phone across arena, accidentally hitting 254’s main breaker and turning the bot off
“Wait TheFlash is useful for things other than ponging me?”



do we have any ideas for who is mafia?



Do I? Yes. Am I wrong? Probably.

Like i said. Im taking a back seat on this one and letting someone else take the lead. Every time I think I’ve figured something out, I’m wrong.



that’s kinda how I feel too



Well then.

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Well, it looks like I’m going to have to do some work if no one else will.

@Mika1820, @Bepwei, @typeusernamehere. You all want to try and help us out here?

Looks like with events starting up it’s going to be kind of dead around here. Let’s see if we can come together and figure something out.

I’ll just list my top two suspicions and you all let me know your thoughts.


Both are just based on their sporadic appearances and random votes. Also, MARS’ post about having an employee read the thread and point out suspects…just seemed a little fishy to me. Thoughts?

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I’ll go ahead and tag @Hailey.faiella since she has been pretty active lately. Although I know she is at a comp now.

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I just realized that I tagged 4 people, add in me and @TheFlash. Either we are the 6 remaining town or (at least) one of us is mafia. :thinking:

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interesting… I have a feeling that some one in this group of six has to be a mafia

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i think that the chances that you picked off the 6 remaining townies is pretty unlikely

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Me thinks you are right. But it also means unless all 4 mafia are included in this group of 6 then there has to be at least 1 mafia in the other group of 4 players. I like the odds of 1/4 better than 1/6.



Of the 4 players in the other group two have been basically non existent. I feel like a mafia member would at least vote on occasion. Neither @quacky or @snowmaninblack have even voted, if I remember correctly. For that reason, I think that at least one of @mikexcao and @MARS_James is mafia.



Not saying that @snowmaninblack or @quarky are not mafia. We just dont have anything to base it on, since neither have made any strategic posts or voted at all. In @quarky’s case that seems to be how she has played in other games. I dont think @snowmaninblack has played other games, so I’m will to chalk that up to inexperience and inability to keep up with this ridiculous thread.



Fair point @brandn03, sorry for my inactivity I have to write an essay before glacier peak starts tomorrow …
but I agree there’s at least one or two mafia in the group you listed above, and I’m less suspicious of you since it looks like you got set up … but I’m also horrible at reading people online so I’ll stay back for a bit.

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Welcome to the club.



@ash4fun giving out “likes” like they’re candy.



Can I have a like @ash4fun?

Gotta keep those stats up !




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