FRCM5 Thread


And that just blew up. Maybe I should allow editing more often…


The good thing on here is you can always see what the person edited. So not much harm in it.


That’s part of the reason I know if someone’s edited. Otherwise I probably couldn’t tell.


I’m happy to explain roles to you. First time hosting here.


how are you sure? I still find it like a 60 percent chance that he is clockmaker 40 percent chance he is JOAT… the slight indifference is that another clockmaker has yet to come out…

but what if @snowmaninblack or @quarky is the clockmaker and they are just inactive… (this is why I am not completly postitive that @erickline is clockmaker, although I have a gut feeling he is clockmaker)


Sorry mobile chief Delphi is rough

And tbh if I die that’d be fairly convenient for my time management atm… so if y’all really don’t think I’m town then oh well

@gellnick it’s okay I’ll figure it out as I play


I mean @quarky has been around and never claimed that


Yay! More likes!


That’s why I said suspected. Most of the evidence I am seeing right now says he is. Until someone else claims, I have to go with that.


Or not. Just hit the like limit again


no, I know and that is why I removed my vote from you, but it is not completly unjustified for @Mika1820 to vote for you… that is all I was trying to say…


oh well i just liked one post and then I did too lol


I wish I could like that




Can we get a vote count @gellnick


ooh I only have 46 seconds until i can like again! yay!


Uh… Gimme a minute. I have to try and get Android copy&paste to work.


Thank :blush:


*s lol


Uh… Make that 25 min. Dinner is being served and I’m hungry