FRCM5 Thread


Here is what I got.


EricKline (4) - mikexcao, Treecko120, RuthJP, mika1820
Thequackmaster (2) - ash4fun, brandn03
TheFlash (1) - darth_tabor
MARS_James (1) - typeusernamehere
Mika1820 (1) - EricKline


i wish i could like that lol


Looks good thanks.
/modbias @brandn03 +10


wow @brandn03 you are really racking up the modbias points lol


Oof I don’t want to die y’all

I know I’m not mafia. I don’t know who else is town but I know if I die, there is 100% chance we kill a town role. If we can kill someone else, we have a much better situation.


I wish more people would come and defend themselves like @Thequackmaster or @MARS_James or @typeusernamehere as all three were either voted for or accused and they did not to my knoledge defend themselevs… and I do not feel comfotable voting one of them out until I hear their defenses


I’ve been thinking about that too. Is it possible they think they can wait out the situation? Right now it’s looking like I’m going to die, so why would they say anything?


/unvote @Mika1820

/vote Thequackmaster


that is true… I do not necessarily feel comfortable voting one of them out without hearing their defense though


My suspiciousons of @Mika1820 have not left me. But I do think that @Thequackmaster is a reasonable bet, and certainly better than Killing myself.


Yep I saw. Don’t need a VC every time…


I just wish they would show up. I’m wroried they won’t.



EricKline (4) - mikexcao, Treecko120, RuthJP, mika1820
Thequackmaster (3) - ash4fun, brandn03, EricKline
TheFlash (1) - darth_tabor
MARS_James (1) - typeusernamehere


/modbias @TheFlash +10 :thinking:


I could vote for mars_james, thequackmaster, typeusernamehere, or mika. Thay all seem equally suspicious to me.

But until someone else comes foward claiming clockmaker, I dont feel comfortable voting out someone I am more than 50% sure is town clockmaker.


that is true… I am definitly not voting for @EricKline for that reason, but the problem with voting for one of the four above you mentioned, it is very unlikely that they are all mafia… but, i guess a regular townie is better to be eliminated than the clockmaker


@darth_tabor, are you still suspicious of @TheFlash? I’d like to hear why if you are.


Do you agree that if no new defense comes from one of the 4, or new information presents itself, it makes sense to join us?


That’s my thinking. And a less active regular townie is even better since they are not as likely to help us find the mafia.


Yeah same. It seems as though the original evidence that there was against him is gone.