FRCM5 Thread


And… 1500 posts. Good job guys


1300 of those are dicobot.


Good job to you! You put all of this together! Thank you so much!




yes… If no one comes to defend themselves in the next 1-1.5 hours I will definitly vote towards one of them… I am leaning towards either @Thequackmaster or @typeusernamehere as they both seem the most suspicous to me but as I said they all do in there own ways and it is hard to tell until the defend themselves


*until they defend


2 hours to go


Great. I’ll be around until then so if anything pops up I’ll be around.


In that boat too, but really want evidence. I really don’t likvoting people out without evidence.


I mean there isn’t no evidence… If anything Ive provided more evidence than anyone else has for my town role.


For who?


I’m just saying that I’ve provided more evidence for myself being town than anyone like @Thequackmaster


And I believe that you are clockmaker. Is there evidence that I missed for the quack master?


Hmm let me go look. I’m on my phone so be patient.


Okay so that’s a lot of stuff but basically he seemed to vote a lot for @TheFlash while never proving much evidence other than the fact that he’s active, witch coincidentally is the same thing I originally accused him of.

He also said he would come defend himself (see first quote) yet never did.

Finally his vote of no elim dose not sit well with me.

It’s not great evidence but it’s a lot more than most.


I did realize that he never even investigated anyone but me really which is kinda strange




I think we should continue with @Thequackmaster for tonight, but I want to put on the record that @Mika1820’s “defense” generated quite a bit of suspicion imo.


So I just want you ask you guys: do you honestly belive that erickline is not lying about being clockmaker? I know that he has claimed not to be but I am still not buying it.


Agreed. I wasnt really suspicious of mika until after their defense. I’d really feel better about voting them but I don’t think we would have the votes.