FRCM5 Thread


I feel like somone would have come out by now that they are clockmaker if @EricKline wasn’t


here comes @Thequackmaster lol



Oh god oh god :see_no_evil:






I am still very much suspicious of @TheFlash




But I do agree that it would be better to pool our votes and save @EricKline at this point.


Well I just came back seeing that i’m the new talking point but I think I have a good point to make. I’M IN HIGH SCHOOL first and because I am in highschool I would never, ever murder someone. second I am on a team that has someone who seems like they want to murder people so why would I and that is of course if i am the mafia which I am not just by the way. I feel I have been wrongly accused and should not been seen as a murderer but just your friendly duck on chief delphi.


uhhhh this is not a defense


Also that is pretty funny I will be honest


Same reasons but now I’ve added petition to end early and suspicious amount of voting exacting with @brandn03 to my list.

I’m down for a short alliance for today, but tbh idk how I feel about voting out @Thequackmaster , since I don’t really see the evidence against him. Is there anyone else y’all are suspicious of that we could pool our votes against?


Having said that, the response he just put does seem kinda suspicious…


Hey i’m a duck man why would I kill someone, think about it a duck is much too weak to kill anyone but they would also never want to kill someone even if they happen to be the mafia which I am not.


I can kinda get the part about being busy with school, but I think most of us are really hoping for a little more than flavor text in the way of a defence.


no, what is your defense to only accusing and voting for me the whole match and having that be your only real talk


Also, I think he is speaking only as if it is defense in the game? idk


That isn’t a defense. I am heading to bed so let’s pick someone soon. I am fine with thequackmaster in his current state of using his name to say he isn’t mafia.


I mean…I feel like if doesn’t even attempt to make a legit defense, it’s his fault


wow ok I am getting ripped apart here. I don’t want to cheat but I can assure every player that I was and still am a regular old towns person. Good night to everyone I got to cram a english assignment now. To all those who tried to save me thanks but if I am killed well then I must say my last words.
I was not the mafia. - Thequackmaster