FRCM5 Thread


/vote @Thequackmaster

I’m going to bed in 5 minutes.


Again not really a defense



for now:

/vote @Thequackmaster




Yeah. Its almost 11pm here on the east coast. I’m going to head to bed. Night yall.


I tried my best to save my self in the little time I had and I will admit it wasn’t great but I thought I may have saved my innocent self but no. Goodbye everyone.




Well, it seems like you guys have your majority, so since I’m not needed in that I’m going to leave my vote right where it is lol


Ok. now that the majority has turned from @EricKline I feel like now is the best time to do this. I am the clockmaker. Last night I sent my automatons for @EricH. I waited as long as I did to gain as much evidence as possible from @EricKline. My target was @Bepwei and I still believe they are suspicious. If the jailkeeper bluffs mafia please protect me as the mafia will likely go for me or cop.
If anyone has any questions I will answer them.


You know @theflash why must you turn on me after all this time you must turn on me. My last vote will be

/vote @TheFlash


and I just missed like half of them. oof


well that changes things.

/vote @EricKline


wow… this changes everything


But can we really believe that this is legit?


If it isn’t, we know who to hit next.


Me? or am I getting killed tonight?


I didn’t intentionally provide hints in the chat but I did try to be clear that I would be committing suicide if I revealed myself.




Hold up. How is his claim any stronger than mine??? You guys are just taking the word of someone over another. I’d like to point out that he just shows up out of the blue as soon as the tide gets turned away from me and claims clockmaker? Seems awfully convenient?


Oh and before I am killed I must apologize for taking so long. I was a robotics meeting so I could not respond.