FRCM5 Thread


And at this point I don’t care if you vote me out except that the JOAT will get another turn and the mafia will gain a free turn.


/unvote @TheFlash

/vote @EricKline


This is going to sound kinda weird but in light of this new situation, I think we should still vote out @Thequackmaster . Given the amount of time we have and the limited information of the situation, we will be unable to really determine whether @EricKline or @Treecko120 is actually the clockmaker. I think our best bet is to give both the benefit of the doubt and hope the jailkeeper picks the right one to jail tonight.



@EricKline is clockmaker:

  • @Treecko120 lied and is actually mafia
  • only reason for this would be if @Thequackmaster was mafia, otherwise it would just be another town kill…

@Treecko120 is clockmaker:

So, 100% either @EricKline is mafia, or both @Treecko120 and @Thequackmaster are mafia… Now, if everyone votes for @EricKline and he ends up being town, then tomorrow, we will know two mafia that we can vot out. I he is the mafia, then we just eliminated the mafia JOAT…

there is no reason why everyone shouldn’t vote for @EricKline

/unvote @Thequackmaster

/vote @EricKline

^^ btw sorry @EricKline if you are actually town but as you can see it is the best for the town to vote for you


People what must I do to prove I am not the mafia


That being said,

/unvote @TheFlash
/vote @Thequackmaster


this makes you seem like mafia


That was an interesting plot twist. I was considering changing my vote but sorry @EricKline, @TheFlash has pretty much laid it all out.


did you read my post, it is the best for the town to vote out @EricKline


This ^


Good point @theflash after you say I might be the mafia just now @darth_tabor votes on me but not earlier on when the accusations were happening.


Come on guys! Yall are just taking what he’s saying as proof. I’ve been complaint this whole time, he shows up as soon as we’re about to take down someone who we think is mafia. How is that not suspect?




I know it does, but really what are you gonna do with this scenario? Choose to believe a person who just came out of the blue only 2 hours before the vote? Or choose someone we’ve been discussing for a while and almost believed?

I’m not saying one choice is better than the other, they both suck. That’s my point. Leave it to the jailkeeper to make a guess and then either one of them will be saved and thus revealed or killed and the other will be revealed as a liar.


@erickline I was a robotics meeting so I could not have responded earlier than right now.


nope. If the jail keeper guesses wrong, they can kill our clockmaker anyway tonight


If you truly are the clockmaker you should have no problem with your own death. Also I waited as long as I did to gain evidence. I think with how willing you were to vote out @Thequackmaster in the last hour they are probably innocent for example.


read this… It is best for town to vote for you in this scenario


A clockmaker is most likely going to die either way, because we have absolutely no real information pointing in either direction at this point. Also didn’t we agree that the clockmaker is kinda useless at this point anyway now that @EricH is gone?


Worse case scenario for y’all is you kill me tomorrow! I’m telling you, don’t believe someone just because they provide convenient information!