FRCM5 Thread


Ok… just checked back in.
@Treecko120 wouldn’t reveal to go 1 for 1 kill. If he is mafia and Eric is the clockmaker, treeko is dead tomorrow. It doesn’t make sense for mafia.

/vote @EricKline


there is 100% an alliance here imo


He doesn’t talk all day and then shows up at the 11th hour and y’all take it as fact?


Our suspicion of you was laid off on the contingency that nobody CC’d clockmaker. Treecko has now claimed CM, under what I consider town-favorable circumstances. It might not be true, but it is consistant.


it doesn’t matter whether it is fact or not… either way you will be killed tonight by mafia because now, they 100% know both the cop and the clockmaker


Holy crap! I go to brush my teeth and get ready for bed thinking the vote was set. Decide to check one more time before bed and everything has blown up!

I cant see any reason treecko would lie about beingclockmaker, because if he did he knows we would find out in the morning.

I have said I would believe @erickline until someone else came foward claiming clockmaker. That time has come.

/unvote thequackmaster

/vote erickline


No, you’re Judge Duck


It seems we are fighting the same battles every time in this chat. And at this point I will always side with the idea of reasonable doubt. It is not good to blindly trust.


@EricKline I have already given my reason. I was posting all day up until about 3 then had robotics and with in the past hour I was able to post here again. You keep trying to use the same reason to vote me out and It seems a little sketchy to me.


And treecko has been worried about the reveal of the clockmaker all day. If somebody was gonna reveal, I guessed it would be him. Anyways night all. For real this time.


I’m not referring to you. I voted you because I had a decent amount of info to vote for you and I needed someone else for everyone to vote for.


if you are clock maker, then tomorrow, we will know two of the 4 or 5 ( i don’t remember how many there are) mafia @Treecko120 and @Thequackmaster

however, if you are mafia then we know you are the most powerful mafia the mafia joat…

there is NO reason not to vote for you…

if u are town i am truely sorry


@Thequackmaster I don’t think anyone is accusing you right now. If I’m found to be lying tomorrow (which I won’t be) they’ll go after me and you, but when they see I am telling the truth you will be cleared of most suspicion.


And… BOOM!


What must I do for the people to prove I am innocent?


This is ridiculous. I hate to have to do this two days in a row, but is there anyone besides @EricKline who would be willing to actually do some deducing and vote someone else out?


this makes you seem




You are right thank you for what you have done. You may have saved my life as a towns person so I can continue to search for the true mafia.



Wow CD trying to stop me from posting?


Have you concerned the possiblity that @Treecko120 is just a town that feels strongly I’m mafia?