FRCM5 Thread


that is VERRRRY unlikely it would be complely against the wishes of the town


@TheFlash if I can not prove to you and others why I am innocent with my claims earlier I must ask what to do so me as townsperson not killed and who ever the true mafia is be killed instead


If erickline is in fact mafia, I think that darth_tabor is very likely mafia as well.


because if so, there would still be a 50%+ chance you are clockmaker and a town citizen would not want to risk this


As I said last time, I fight consistently for what I believe in. This is not me fighting for @EricKline because I really think he is town (sorry Eric), this is me going against blindly following what someone says, especially since it took you all sooo long to even consider that he could possibly be telling the truth beforehand.


Flashback to FRCM3


I’ll get all of your votes a d whatnot at day end.


You wanna give me some hard evidence that @EricKline is mafia then go for it, but this is not it


@darth_tabor but either way tommorow we will know people to vote out…


so it is in the best interests of town to do so…


As @Treecko120 said he is the clockmaker and really I see no reason that he would lie about his position because if he did he would surely be killed and he knows that.


So tell me then why you vote for @EricKline? By that logic you should be able to vote out @Treecko120 just as easily, but you choose to go blindly in this direction.


Of course you would back him up, he just saved your life!


Sorry, but there isn’t much that could sway me from voting for @EricKline. I’m going to bed.


the only other feasible action would be to vote out @Treecko120 and then tomorrow if @Treecko120 was town vote out @EricKline… if @Treecko120 was mafia vote out @Thequackmaster… However, your reaction to this and the fact that @Treecko120 waited until you, @EricKline, were no longer in the lead makes it seem as though @Treecko120 is the one telling the truth here


I feel like I have more “dirt” against erickline that treecko.


Yes duh why would I not I know he saved me and I thanked him you can see that but why even if he voted for me to be killed would I not believe his claims of being the clockmaker?


Why? Because he hasn’t said anything and I have? You said yourself earlier that there was little evidence against me??


@darth_tabor ^^ i was literaly typing thas as you sent this


sorry for all the quotes but I thought the replying was in a confusing order so i layed it out in this post so you understood