FRCM5 Thread


honestly I don’t think @darth_tabor would be mafia. If @EricKline is mafia he would have instructed him to switch like the rest. This just puts a target on his back. If this is reverse psychology it is pretty good. Its also clear that this is a loosing battle for him. I just want to get this all out here because I will likely die tonight.


I said yesterday that I thought you were acting different than when you were town, among other things.

Today I simply said my suspicion was losing steam, as no new evidence had surfaced.


I have not been defending myself because I haven’t felt the need, I am in little danger of being eliminated but as I have said I am a normal town with no special powers, I invite anyone with them to come check me out and prove my innocence plus as I have said I am competing this week so I have been a little on the busy side.

Plus as it is 11pm where I am and I got up at 6am to go to the venue to finish some setup that was not yet completed I am dead tired. And I will be up at the same time tomorrow since I am the driver for my team members who are volunteering.

Sorry for not being as active as the last few games but ultimately I am only on this thread/site because of the event I am at so it takes obvious priority.


Yeah remind me next game that randomly claiming roles guarantees the entire game believes you


But most of the votes are for @EricKline and myself correct? Why would you be killed?


it’s not a random claim, it’s an optimized counterclaim.


a night kill by the mafia maybe…


But where is the reasonable doubt? The suspicion that not every who claims is who they say they are?




Y’all did the same thing with @RuthJP before


But what’s the difference between my claim and his? If he were the one originally accused of being mafia and claimed cm and then I came in and counter claimed would we be in the same position?


there is nothing different in the claims except for the fact that @Treecko120’s claim makes sense while you did not claim to be the clockmaker until after the error with @RuthJP was revealed by @gellnick


It has a lot to do with the specifics of what was said, and when. I don’t really feel like digging back through the whole thread to find where what posts represent the difference.


Because I thought she was mafia! I didn’t want to expose myself!


@MARS_James I was in the pit just to the left of you guys half the day lol

Anyway I’m keeping my vote at @EricKline


But at that point if @EricKline is the clockmaker why would he want to reveal himself?


Seeing how much @EricKline is trying to take down @Treecko120 it releases some of the suspicions my vote is still on @EricKline. It seems counterintuitive for the mafia to kill the clock maker but if @EricKline survives tonight I think he has defended himself well enough to not be voted out tomorrow night.


starting to get tired, and I’m probably going to go soon.


@EricKline, if you were Clockmaker, you would have realized what was going on with the mix-up.


No… You claimed I was mafia. I knew I wasn’t. I said you were maifa. It was only after I found out you were incorrect and there was a mistake is when I had to out myself.