FRCM5 Thread


yes, that makes sense…

the timing of @Treecko120’s claim to be clock master and his attitude right now makes sense though… I feel that if you were actually town your reaction to :

would be a calmer reaction that understands


@EricKline I really can’t help you with this so…

The blind decision making in this group has solidified my position.
/unvote @Thequackmaster
/vote @TheFlash

It’s not gonna do anything, but at least I’m voting for someone who has actually down suspicious things.




Practically my first post after outing myself was to give the message I received, that you were Mafia JOAT / Clockmaker. If you were Clockmaker, surely you would have realized what was actually going on.


Exactly why I am keeping my vote on him he seemed to have a knee jerk reaction to your post and it may have given him away as the mafia


But nobody, and I mean nobody, would want to out themselves that early


No. I know that I’m town. I know that @Treecko120 is mafia. Why would I let you make the wrong decision.


What has @theflash done to be suspicious, I think he could possibly be the mafia but all that I have seen are statements revealing flaws in others work to either same themselves or cover themselves up.


because you have to understand that absolutely no other town knows this. so, whether we vote for @Treecko120 or you, it should not matter to you because you should know that either way, we will find out tomorrow which was mafia and then if we made the wrong decision vote the other out… and, if @Treecko120 is mafia then we could also vote @Thequackmaster out the day after that…

so you should understand ir does not matter… it is now a coin toss between you and @Treecko120 and likely in the next two nights both of you will be eliminated by either us voting or the mafia, if not both tonight


Let’s just list these off one more time.

  • Initially distracting people from topic
  • Defending @RuthJP for the same thing because “they could accuse me of it as well,” almost like a cover up
  • Petition to end the day early
  • Voting an awful lot with @brandn03
  • Blindly following @RuthJP’s statement and @Treecko120’s statement


Well, I’m turning in for the night.

If we’re all wrong about you, EricKline, I am truly sorry. But I think you are the more suspicious in this case.

I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

Good night!


Prove it. Switch your vote. @EricKline has the majority anyway


That’s awfully Mafia of you.


I’ll throw in my lot with the rest: /vote @EricKline


ummm @RuthJP was town so that cuts out bullet point 2 and 5…

the petition was also wanted by both @brandn03 and @RuthJP at the time and @RuthJP was proven to be town… so, this cuts out bullet point 3 (especially since I explained this one so much)… I also feel that I explained number one of how I like to have fun in the discussion since this is in th"game" category of chief delphi, and I also have just now completly explaine my reasoning for following @Treecko120

so anything else you want to accuse me of?


@darth_tabor why have you all the sudden removed your vote on me after my defence of @TheFlash earlier and now you are siding with @EricKline a lot even though he is acting very suspicious?


Bullet point 2 is not disproven by @RuthJP being cop because you were doing it to help yourself, not her.

Bullet point 3 is not disproven by that either, because at any point ending the vote early and pushing for it so much is a suspicious move.

Bullet point 5 is not disproven by @RuthJP being cop because blindly following someone is always a suspicious and untrustworthy move to make, regardless of the outcome.


If I wake up dead tomorrow there are 3 people that would have killed me @darth_tabor, @EricKline, or @Treecko120 and it will cause a lot of suspicious activity around all 3.


I really got to get to bed, good night everyone.


if you want me to I can, I just voted for @erickline instead just generally because of his tone after @Treecko120 revieled himself as a potential clockmaker…

Also I switched to @EricKline because I knew that we had to vote one of them out tonight and since evrryone was going to @EricKline and @Treecko120 had none I wanted to make sure one of them had enough to get voted out…

If you really want me to switch tho I can…

I would like a vote update tho first to verify that at least one of them has enough votes to get eliminated