FRCM5 Thread


I defend @EricKline in principle, because blindly following anyne’s claims is a bad move for any townsperson.

As you have seen, I’ve had to defend him a lot this game.


vote count? @gellnick


So you wanted to join what a majority of the players were doing…


well @TheFlash originally brought up my case but after seeing the evidence given looking at @EricKline being VERY suspicious he switched votes like everyone else.


that was a second consideration because I knew based on my logic that one of the two had to be eliminated tonight for us to make headway and know who one of the mafias is. so, I didn’t want to vote for the lower voted for one and have @Thequackmaster who I still believe had close to if not equal voted as @EricKline come out on top in the end with votes… i did not believe that there would be enough people to vote for @Treecko120 so that he would pas the votes that @Thequackmaster had…

However, this was not my main reason… my main reason was the tone that @EricKline took in resonse to @Treecko120’s post and then our questioning of @EricKline


A respectable explanation…

Let’s call this Bullet Point 6



EricKline (9) - mikexcao, Treecko120, RuthJP, mika1820, ash4fun, thequackmaster, TheFlash, bepwei, brandn03, snowmaninblack
Thequackmaster (1) - EricKline
TheFlash (1) - darth_tabor
MARS_James (1) - typeusernamehere


at this point it is useless to switch to @Treecko120


anyway the main reasonn for me believing @Treecko120 as I said above was @EricKline’s tone in response to @Treecko120 and those questioning @Treecko120 and @EricKline


Can we please give it a rest? day ends in eight minutes and I’m dead tired.


here goes a last ditch effort to save @BenjaminRowe before he gets eliminated by @gellnick for low activity…


@BenjaminRowe where are you @BenjaminRowe lol


Come on @BenjaminRowe survive, pull through, we want you to live come on man you got 8 minutes to say anything!


wow soooooo much has happened on day 2 lol


Alright this is like my 3rd time saying this but I got to go. goodnight everyone.


Welp, I have one more suspicion that may or may not be confirmed tonight, so I’ll drop this here now in case I sound suspicious talking about it tomorrow lol


what suspicion?


/vote @EricKline


If @Treecko120 was Mafia, why would he risk the 1 for 1 trade?

Additionally, if @EricKline was Mafia JOAT, it would definitely be in his best interests to buy one more night so he could use his kill ability.


If I told you that would just ruin the point, now wouldn’t it?


Great playing with y’all. Easily the funnest game of mafia I have yet to play. Sorry for lieing to all of you, but that’s what the mafia does :man_shrugging:. hopefully no hard feelings! Good luck, have fun!


Well i really don’t like that but can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.