FRCM5 Thread


Cya in dead chat


/vote @EricKline

Damn mafia scum


ahhh the truth comes out lol


Oops there it is lol


Wait we got in right?




So much for my surprise suspicion lol


is @gellnick going to close the day? it is now 9pm PST


would u share tho? i am curious


tenor Thought this was good for what we just did lol.


I noticed in Day 1 that @EricKline was liking my posts a suspiciously high amt of times and was pretty sure he was playing me.

That’s why I started separating myself from him today in case he was actually the mafia.




Y’all discussion should be over it’s past the deadline.

ping @gellnick @Ian4467 @GoalkeeperBoss



they didn’t close it yet


From top post:


I am sorry @gellnick @GoalkeeperBoss @Ian4467 I thought something like this for day 2 was needed for the day to end please do not modkill me over a misunderstanding


sorry actually one like this please do not modkill me for the same reason I gave in the last post


Hey it’s ok ur good I just got to my phone


cool… I would like this, but i am out of likes