FRCM5 Thread


I don’t have enough time to do a VC but I’m like 99% sure @EricKline was killed.

@EricKline was the MAFIA JOAT!



As much as I would love a cool role, I’ve been a townie for all the games I’ve been in xD


Uh… No night posting. Warning 1/3


Also, anyone who does vote counts from time to time will get some modbias. This does not include night time


@gellnick no night posting please
warning 1/3


Same goes for you Mister


Morning dawns!
The citizens all rush out of their homes, looking for a bright new day, eager to find the next Mafia. Unfortunately, their Town Cop is nowhere to be found.

@RuthJP was the Town Cop!

Without the person who, along with @Treecko120, took down the most powerful Mafia, the town now has a much harder task.

Day has started and will end tomorrow, usual time.


If you did not get a message, assume you slept peacefully.


First off, sorry I was unavailable to discuss, but the whole air raid sirens going off combined with NOAA saying “get underground NOW!” was kind of distracting.
Secondly, reading through I saw several accusations against me. I would like to say right here that I am not Mafia. I know I’ve been a bit distracting, but I’ll deal with the accusations right now.
Voting early for @Mars_James: I was suspicious of him early because of his quick accusations, and also he fit what I thought a mafia would do: not talk much but accuse the town. Also, I didn’t want to risk going back to @EricKline because I was afraid we might loose clockmaker (obviously I was wrong. Finally, his profile pic seems very mafia-esque.
Seeming suspicious to @TheFlash: I don’t know why, so please tell me. If my jokes are the reason, here’s my explanation: if I don’t have a reasonable suspicion, I’ll make up something, and I see no reason to take it seriously. Also, if I were mafia, I would do something like this (bee movie script).
Another thing: I started the accusations against @EricKline at the beginning of yesterday. Yes it was a joke, but he took it seriously and look where we are now. The mafia JOAT six feet under. Just keep that in mind. I also have added some discussion over why I think that some people are mafia.
There, that’s it.
Also, some advice: never sleep in an old Chevy truck bed. It sucks.


Yeah, probably!
Just cause it says “bed” doesn’t mean you should sleep on it…


Oh, so what does it mean?


So anyway, I’m gonna be up front that I think @darth_tabor was sitting very close to @EricKline yesterday. While it’s true that erickline would have likely told all of the other mafia to go with the crowd, the town traitor would have never heard that message.

I said yesterday that the town traitor is likely to do either the exact opposite as town, and he seemed pretty against voting erickline out, while most people found the evidence against him overwhelming.


sounds really fishy to me. I can’t think of what it can mean except that he had planned to turn on erickline a few minutes later.


Oh yeah. @BenjaminRowe has until we get a sign up to replace him to respond


This is a very good defense. Not sure who accused you, but I trust you. You have been very consistent and not super suspicious imo.

Same thing for @ash4fun he has been very firm in what he believes in and not super radical. It could be mafia trying to blend in,but I doubt it.

@darth_tabor has seen really radical, however to quote @Treecko120

Treecko being basically confirmed town. If darth was mafia, he would have been trying to blend in.

@TheFlash has been pretty town, but a little less consistent. IMO he has been following the crowd. This is not an accusation, but rather an observation. And following the crowd doesn’t immediately make you mafia, obviously. He also hasn’t done a lot to be suspicious, which doesn’t deserve my vote.

@Thequackmaster when accused doesn’t really defend himself and endlessly defending himself after everybody changed their vote off him. Not a ton of evidence, but the highest level of suspicion on my list.

@Squirrel2412 and @MARS_James have been less active than usual, but mars has an excuse. Squirrel has typically been very active with adding the the conversation which I have not seen this game. Very little adding to the conversation. While it’s does concern me, not high on my suspicion list.

Also, RIP Ruth


@Hailey.faiella has replaced @BenjaminRowe!
Your role card has been sent


Thanks but:
You could be mafia trying to defend another mafia.
Or mafia defending traitor
Or traitor defending mafia
Or (what I hope it is) town defending town.
Just to put that out there and be “totally transparent “.


And it was @TheFlash and @brandn03 that accused


And I think me is town too


The traitor is interesting. I’ve played mafia before, so I kinda know what strategies mafia can play. But I have absolutely no idea what strategy the town traitor would take, beyond what I have just recently hypothesized.


@Hailey.faiella Please confirm you have gotten your role card when you get a chance.

Also: Anyone may get free modbias by giving unofficial vote counts from time to time. Spam vote counts will not be counted and will result in negative modbias. I will be relatively inactive this weekend as I will be at SFR competing against 254. I will still be able to close the day. @GoalkeeperBoss please start days.