FRCM5 Thread


Town defending town. If I was mafia defending a maf or traitor who would that be?




Also, @gellnick:

Does the traitor count as mafia for the purposes of majority for the mafia win or mafia elimination for the town win? Or are they only “helping” the mafia, but not one themselves?


Uh… Not really. If their robot is really a dumpster fire we’re good, fires aren’t allowed on the field.


Yes. Traitor is Mafia goon that does not have access to Maria chat until Tracker finds them.


So why do they exist?


To add to mystery. Also people wanted one.


Well I was very happy when we killed the mafia last night so if i was the mafia I don’t think I would have been as happy.


Also it adds more strategy for Mafia since they don’t want to kill the traitor, so they don’t randomly kill.


Happiness is subjective


Or also Town defending Mafia/Traitor (innocent belief)
Or Mafia/Traitor defending town (buddying)


Probably not the last one though, as it puts them under suspicion.


Didn’t think of those


Really @darth_tabor could be it as well because he did not really respond to the mafia being killed and was heavily defending him last night.


Ah yes. The town defending Mafia is fun. Unfortunately it backfired on me FRC M3


My wifi keeps going out (school wifi) so IDK if my phone’s going to be able to keep up.



You got me thinking, maybe the defining characteristic of town is… disloyalty.

Then again, mafia bandwagoning is pretty common too…


Oooh! I see the Bird alliance!