FRCM5 Thread


Now that we know @EricKline was mafia, I am 99% sure @Thequackmaster is not mafia because @EricKline was willing to vote @Thequackmaster out so @EricKline would be safe. This means @Thequackmaster is NOT mafia :+1:




I vote on renaming to to birb alliance




why not


@Squirrel2412 do you agree? Same to you @Mika1820


Did I accuse you? I dont remember specifically to be honest. I think I was just waiting for you to come by and defend yourself. Never really had too much of a reason to suspect you.

Im trying to catch up on all the chatter that has happened so far this morning. so give me a second to get my thoughts.


Yeah, you said my activity was suspicious


And if I was the mafia I would not have been trying to take him down as much as I did last night with some big convictions along side @TheFlash


I could give a really long, elaborate defense for my inactivity.

Or I could just note that I’m having slight difficulty keeping up with this thread - I’ve read all the posts, but I haven’t had the time to do any higher-level analysis.

Also, the bird alliance hasn’t really been a thing. In any case, there’s only 2 of us left anyways, so it’s kinda pointless.


Yeah, just suspicious, but not a direct accusation. I was looking for you to come by and explain your self last night before the vote. But considering your circumstances, Ill give you a pass. :slight_smile:


Also, if you are making it a bird alliance, you should include @Thequackmaster.


Or you would to save yourself and distance yourself from mafia. Not saying you did…but it would have been the correct play, me thinks.


Well yea I thought I was going to be a part of the bird alliance because I am a bird.


nope it is practically impossible for @Thequackmaster to be mafia

so I think we don’t need to discuss other reasons why @Thequackmaster is not mafia as I feel this is enough to guarantee that @Thequackmaster is not


So what’s your point?


It’s just as unlikely for the rest of us.




@typeusernamehere i actually defended you here…, I don’t really remember accusing you, if I did I don’t remember why


Raising the possibility of an alliance based solely on metagame seems like a bad idea.