FRCM5 Thread


Just trying to keep myself in respectable standing


yes true, but even more for @Thequackmaster because @EricKline (mafia was willing to vote @Thequackmaster out)


hmmm interesting


I think I was suspicious because until this point none of you three responded to defend yourselves, but not knowing your situation I understand and apologize


Hey, the sirens sounded cool. It’s ok


^^that made me seem like I was suspicious of myself lol

it should have been:
*i think i was suspicious of you because…






What made it better was that there wasn’t a tornado within 20 miles, but everyone was freaking out


At this point, I think we should look at everyone that @EricKline voted for from day one until now… I think most if not all of these people should be trusted… then the remaining people would be a narrowed down list of remaining possible suspects


better safe than sorry tho


Be careful of early votes, though, since Mafia often vote for each other in rvs because people don’t take those votes as seriously


oh that’s true


so I guess maybe we should just look at day 2 votes?


Day 1: Flash. I think this one can maybe be trusted, as he tried pretty hard to get him voted out.
Day 2:ruth, quackmaster. Quackmaster can probably be trusted on the same basis.

(I mighta forgotten one, but those are the “important” ones, I think


July 4th, 1776 lol (the 1776th post) :us:


Good point. That makes perfect sense.


Here is was we do know…or are pretty sure of.

Treecko is town clockmaker.
Quackmaster is 99% town.

Am I missing anything else?


this is kind of interesting


He also [quote=“EricKline, post:1488, topic:349824, full:true”]
/unvote @Mika1820

/vote Thequackmaster