FRCM5 Thread


u do robotics???





wow I thought CNY was gonna be tough…


Just something to consider: these are some quotes about ramp bots
After watching a ramp bot trying to climb another ramp bot:
“Look! Ramp bots mating!”
“Maybe we should lower the Sandstorm and give them some privacy”
“Someone play moon music.”
“So that’s how baby ramp bots are made.”
(It’s kind of become a running joke)


This should have a thread unto itself.


At this point there’s really no way/purpose in me trying to explain myself in aligning with @EricKline beyond what I have already said. I know all of it sounds hella shady, but I can assure you that I am neither mafia nor traitor.

@TheFlash I still think it is wrong to blindly follow someone’s statement, but I should have listened to your analysis of tone. Although you are not fully cleared in my eyes by this, you do seem a bit more trustworthy. - 2 Bullet Points for you lol


@EricKline will be putting in vote counts from time to time over the weekend, as I will be unable to.
So don’t ping me and tell me @EricKline has been posting, it’s with my permission.
Thank you so much!

As a reminder: @EricKline Please try not to reveal anything you may have learned about the game. You probably don’t need the reminder though.


Just when we thought we got rid of him…


guess who’s back, back again

What’s up!!!


Just ping me if y’all need a vote count. I’ll probably be around a lot because I’m out of school again today, but I’ll probably go to robotics later so just let me know :+1:


Hi Eric!


@EricKline can I be honorary mafia since I supported you lol


Don’t worry, the JOAT doesn’t have a “You can’t kill me” ability.


Sure but it might mean you’ll be killed.


Are you sure?


I mean, I’d probably modkill that


I mean understandable



Fight me