FRCM5 Thread


Welcome to the game, @Hailey.faiella.

Plese tell us in 1000 words or less why you are not mafia, with quotes and votes to back it up.

If not, I will be forced to vote for you.

jk, welcome and have fun reading all 1800 posts.


i updated the op, check out the graveyard yall


Yea like who does robotics here thats so dumb it’s not like i’m on a robotics team or anything.


I hate that like limit so much… WHY WHY WHY







you forgot @RuthJP. RIP


just added her


Thee dead, and all three power roles.

We all came to play.


I just do a intellectual nerd building with aluminum and blaming the people who play with Java/Labview/whatever-it-is-that-they-use for all the problems thing. It’s definitely not robotics.


Welp… I’m a power role. Wonder when I’m dead.


Its always programmings fault


Well as a person on the electrical team I always get blamed but I know it is always a programmer’s fault.


I mean, who switches the wires? Programming…


electrical isnt really ever the problem, its always programming


Yeah… They just can’t program the wires to switch back to the right places, can’t they?


See you guys get it, like a short on the robot, that’s a programing issue not mine


u got a picture of yalls bot anywhere?


After 254 gets a hold of you.


@gellnick if you beat 254 you have officially achieved full ascension