FRCM5 Thread


Uh… Lemme check. I’ll see what I can do tho.


You’re not wrong. But we did that Sacramento Regional 2008. Got to Curie finalists.


Our team robot looks like we just placed a brick on top of a drive base you will see it at west michigan next week if you want to see the brick.


@gellnick when does the regional start? so I can watch you clap 254 of course.


Robot name: W19-001
We’re gonna do a photoshoot soon, I’d rather send you that.
I don’t want to put out a CAD shot yet either, team wants the photoshoot to be the first thing out.


Today, but I’m going up tomorrow when quals start


so quals start tomorrow?




254’s DT gearbox:


Well hi! I’m not mafia bc I just joined lol


Hmm. Also everyone here i am expecting you to watch the great and glorious team 107 next week on the live stream.


Yikes… look at that wire management WOW!


I’ll be at Sacramento regional


Wait you are competing 2 weeks in a row, that is impressive.


I love how the mafia game always turns into just some random discussions about robots, it’s great!


Right!! I’ll be at Hudson Valley next week than Detroit with the team!


I will be at Hudson Valley with @Hailey.faiella and then at Long Island 1 the next day : )


I did not know that EI at a regional was a qualification for world.


@darth_tabor WOOHOOO


Oh come on where are all the michigan teams at