FRCM5 Thread


New York Team where you at!


Yeah we do tend to go back to back a lot
I just remember that elims match in 2017 (SVR) where 971 (Alliance #2), basically a less big 254, was completely destroyed by an underdog alliance (#7 I think) and only went on because it was the 2nd match, not tiebreaker.
Alliance #2:
Bunch of rotors, 2 climbs (Great defence #7 alliance), a bunch of fuel
Alliance #7:
Bunch of rotors, 3 climbs, no fuel (I think)



Team 1506 will be competing at Livonia in a few weeks, and hopefully states!


Bro come on over to west michigan, just to check it out it’s a great event


Also if you want to see defence go to the 2017 dte field at state and watch the matches with our team in them in the elims, that is true defence


Looks like a hot event, unfortunately I’m like 2.5 hours away.

And our team usually meets on weekends anyway, so… yeah :cry:


And here! 7222 will be at Jackson and Lansing


Yes michigan teams, we must rise up to challenge the new york and california team.


Yes please take out 254 if we can’t. I want to see some other team win champs for once. I don’t want another undefeated season.


Yeahhh! Only our entire bot is held together with zip ties, and barely runs. (Something about the reactor not having enough deuterium)


Well they don’t go to the detroit worlds so we can’t beat them sadly.


Awesome! More duct tape should solve it…


Festival of Champions


:smile: good. Nobody can defeat the power of the poofs


Naw, electrical tape is the way to go


On our robot the climber has so much force it can bend 1 by 2 aluminum with ease.


Wow. Almost 100 posts with nothing to do with mafia.
And it’s flex tape, not electrical tape. I suppose you could also use caulk.


There is no more festival of champions sadly.


No, the caulk doesn’t deal well with the exhausts. Trying to get it above 400 horsepower before comp


That’s nothing compared to the sheer destructive force of our 12 ton hydraulic press