FRCM5 Thread


teams (plural)


Just get 400 horses to power it.


Well ours is attached to our robot. I’m assuming you don’t have that 12 ton hydraulic press on your robot.


I mean, it’s over 125 lbs itself… Where would the elex board fit?


And it happens to be attached to the ground rather well


@GoalkeeperBoss You didn’t put that @EricKline was the Mafia JOAT in the graveyard, so I did.
And yes, the bee is intentional


Is that how you plan to beat 254, by crushing them with a hydraulic press?
hello welcome to the hydraulic press channel

Also this is my 107th post.


Wait, it 254… THE MAFIA???


Uh… Somebody sent me all this in a PM. I blanked out their name to protect anonymity, but I find this VEERY interesting. Please do it. I won’t give you negative modbias. *as long as copyrights/whatnot isn’t violated


You may have something there…


I just tried to post the entire script but it is too long to be posted. I think chief delhi does not like the greatest movie of all time.


Erm… Just link a google doc.


it was @typeusernamehere, wasn’t it.


How do you know it wasn’t @Thequackmaster?



there is it the full bee movie script


“Body is limited to 32000 characters, you entered 113215”


no it said like 53000



Anyways, I’m also working on cadding this, which is what discobot is about to mention.

@discobot roll 1d10000