📜 FRCManual.com presented by fabworks | The unofficial game manual

We are stoked to present frcmanual.com

After getting inspired by rules-search.pages.dev by @grahamsh, I thought we could leverage a ton of the Fabworks code base to make a game manual with enhanced readability, a user-friendly Interface, and great search-ability for HighTide. We have a lot of new students this year and have always found it a little bit painful pulling up and referencing the manual throughout the season. We are always pushing for that 1% and its really those little things like “How tall is a cone again?” or “How many points is a tech foul” that take 30-40 seconds to pull up during an early season discussion but should really be a 5 second solution. This started as an internal project but quickly turned into something REALLY awesome that I threw a dozen more hours into and wanted to share with the community.

Features overview:

  • Easy navigation and table of contents

  • Fuzzy and Semantic search powered by open ai embeddings

  • Hover for tool tips on all glossary terms

  • Link to direct sections of the rules

  • Past game manuals (work in progress)

  • Great mobile ux

Because every search is being embedded via the openai embeddings api, this tool does have a non 0 cost to run. I cant see it accumulating to anything insane throughout the season and we plan to always have the feature free and non-rate limited, subsidized by the fabworks branding. Check us out if you haven’t already its the best way to support this project.

The not so serious, and maybe coming soon?

A big part of why LLMs struggle to answer FRC related questions is because they don’t have the correct context to to draw off of, and don’t have an easy way to link you their sources. Because the whole manual is already semantically embedded, the LLM (in this case gpt4-turbo) can be prompted with hightly specific context, and told to formulate answers using only the provided information. It can both cite its sources and link off to relevant sections of the manual.

This is

  • Extremely expensive (some harder questions cost ~15 cents per question)
  • Only slightly more useful than just searching and reading the manual
  • Very fun to play around with and will definitely improve as LLMs improve

We are currently exploring a few ways to make this available for free for everyone (no amount of fabworks branding would justify this bill…), and would launch it with carefully prompted models (and disclaimers) to limit hallucination. This will most likely stay as a fun internal toy for HighTide.

Don’t worry

We know this exists

and hope FIRST views this as a huge net positive resource, and not an out-of-date link to the manual.

We plan to make a extremely strong effort to keep this updated AND MANUALLY AUDITED during the season and will be adding in both “updated at:” and “audited at:” disclaimers to each page. Assuming the html version of the manual goes live in the morning on kickoff, I plan to have a first draft up by noon. I recommend everyone does a first read on the official manual before all else.

The 2024 manual will be formatted to a higher standard, considering I felt there was some diminishing returns finding all the small edge cases on 2023 (1.6-1.10 is missing due to some inconsistencies with the official manual format, and a few tables and lists are awkward)

Would love to hear everyones feedback, feel free to DM me any smaller bugs or issues you find.


Hella sick! Gonna use this on kickoff with the kids alongside the real manual since it makes navigating a whole lot easier! I’d definitely pay for a more advanced AI version - I’m sure in a few years it’ll be doing all the game analysis for me anyways. One less thing is always nice!

We were thinking about adding a paid option just to cover our costs… but i dont want to open the can of worms about the legality of doing that with FIRSTs IP. There is is a chance we can get this ( probably a gpt3.5-turbo version) donated, so we would rather take that route. No promises here.

If there was REALLY enough interest I could build out a “bring your open api key” version…


Is the code available somewhere?

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This is fantastic, appreciate you sharing it with the community.


Once the 2024 game comes out, how quickly would y’all be able to input it into FRCManual? Amazing tool btw, gonna be incredibly useful for rules tests I bet.

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No, it includes UI components under license and a bunch of Fabworks IP.


I would legitimately use this as just a solidly searchable version of the manual without an LLM. Just being able to search a word is probably enough for quick rules checking, and this is a much nicer reading experience.

It’s incredible how quickly y’all go from just playing with an idea to a full fledged product.

Also thanks for not blinding us with @KennySandon LightMode™ in the screenshots.


Was @grahamsh involved in in the creation of this?

That’s what’s live! Sorry if I didn’t make it clear, but semantic search ISNT a LLM, even though it’s using a service provided by open ai.

Some more insight here:


However, We have been chatting about a possible collaboration on integrating his semantic search model into the search box.


How soon after Kickoff do you expect to have this up and running for 2024?

Sadly this,

However I’m happy to code split and post the manual parsing / embedding generator.

Also anyone interested in web development in general, my dms are open and happy to go into more detail on the tech stack.


Goal is noon, but depends on access to the html version of the manual. @jaredhk was telling me how several years ago there was some complaints from that version being a few days lagging. Assuming it’s live right away, will shoot for a rough draft (all info present and audited but possible formatting issues) by noon or so

@CooperSurma @arnara07


Ah my bad, I read this as being different from rules-search

This is actually what I’m most interested in and the thing that I think has the most benefit to the greater public. If you could, I’d be willing to buy you a coffee… or just buy more from Fabworks…

And speaking of Fabworks and codes… if you use code FRC900 at checkout, you can get 5% off your order (am I doing this right @Andrew_L?).


Sounds good! I will get both these posted


The difference is where the embeddings are generated. I use a model tuned specifically for game manual rules and he uses OpenAI embeddings. They’re very similar setups, and since OpenAI has better embeddings but mine understands FRC vocab better they seem to be fairly equivalent.

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Yours has given me better responses in the small amount of time I’ve played with these, would absolutely love your embeddings in their site haha