FRCNewTab: Random team info & pretty robot photos in your new tab

For the past few months I’ve been working on a Chrome extension (FF coming soon) which displays information about a random team, including a nice background photo, on your new tab page. (Alternatively, activate Clock mode in the extension options to display the team whose number corresponds to the current time.) After several months of beta testing, the extension is now available!

View example screenshots, read more information, and download the extension on the Chrome Webstore page.

Or, checkout the extension on GitHub!

Another way to shove FIRST into all my free time? I’ll take it!

Just kidding. What free time?

This is super cool! I love the way the tab has a link to a team’s website.

Best add on in ages. Does it only filter teams that have robot pictures?

Considering dropping Firefox and moving to Chrome just for this because I want it now :slight_smile:

I thought about doing that, but I decided to avoid excluding people, I would instead make teams without pictures automatically fallback to some generic FIRST photos which I pulled (with permission) from the FIRST Georgia Flickr page.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be adding an option to hide teams without photos. Also, TBA is going to implement a “quality media” system, so once that’s out I can create an option to avoid low quality photos.


Wait, this isn’t reddit.

It’s live now.

I’ve been using this since it was still in “beta”. Took a while to get used to not having my recent sites, but I got used to it. As an aspiring game announcer it’s a huge help to learning various team names and numbers.

Plus it’s just so darn pretty! Thanks Erik.

Wow, this is amazing! Nice work!

It’s just a shame that my team’s number will never come up in clock mode :frowning:

Can anyone explain this attached image?

EDIT: Took me about an hour of refreshing to get my team…worth!

That “randomly attached image” is the first image linked on TBA for that team’s 2016 season. Why? Because a meme team didn’t exist I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah I see!

Also why do some of the images link to the team website rather than TBA? eg 1676?

I wasn’t asking why I got the image, more so why the image exists

The team number and team name link to different things.

Nice!! Took me about 50 refreshes to find our robot!!

Because it slipped passed the TBA mods…

Edit: I’ve tracked it down, it’s Greg’s fault. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would love if someone could add in a Google Search box to allow me to completely replace my new tab page (I know I have the omnibox but force of habit would love the search box)!

Well that’s their team colors so, uh . . . Yeah.

I really love this extension! Thanks so much for making this. Is there any way to move the team number and name to a corner instead of the exact center? Most people’s pictures have their robot right where the label is. If not, I can just click to their TBA link.