[frCoder] New Code Repository


The site is finally up! The repository itself uses MediaWiki content-management software, but is NOT A WIKI! Some of the basic principles of wikis (like open structure, anyone edits, etc.) are not going to be used. The most important difference is the structure (see frCoder:Structure). Look around. In the future, the base MediaWiki PHP source will be heavily modified to be tailored for code repository features.

Things that need to be done:

  • Find/write C highlighter for source/header articles
  • Create a fairly uniform style guide for writing code
  • Start adding code!

Awesome… I’ll definitely be submitting some of my code during and after build season. (My math library will probably find its way up there soon. The autonomous and driver control code will have to wait.)

I like it

I think a good idea would be to add tutorials for beginning programmers because there is not a lot out their about basic C programming and then basic robot programming

I did like the C tutorial by team 342, but now I am actually programming the bot and I am still having a little trouble

In order to not duplicate resources, frCoder will not host Programming tutorials (there are quite a few good ones out there, check the white papers and FIRSTwiki). Please refer to the many other threads about what/who the code repository are for. Briefly, frCoder will be a center for people to download and post snippets and libraries of code that are useful to FIRST teams.

Can’t wait to write something worth posting!