Hi all,

@juchong and I have been working on a little tool over the past week. A bunch of folks were curious how many teams were signing up for 2021, what teams had signed up, which ones hadn’t, and how that compared to prior seasons. was the result. The first version (informally) launched in another thread, but it includes features like:

  • Current registration totals per region
  • list of registered teams per region
  • Charting current registration totals against prior seasons
  • List & total of unpaid teams per year
  • History of team names
  • and of course, dark mode only.

Because all of our data comes directly from FIRST, it’s as accurate as it can be for the time being.

We hope you stay safe and stay healthy!


I think you just put @Mark_McLeod out of a job :smile:

As someone in a regional area… it would be awesome to see the regional section broken down a bit more. Perhaps have a second page that provides breakdowns by country/state/province? Great work!


Could you add the final registration total graph from the home page to the region pages as well?

This is really cool, thanks for making this!

This is doable, I’ll add it to the backlog.

I can add the same graph as the front-page to the discrete region pages fairly easily, but I presume you mean the graph on per-region data. Unfortunately that is considerably harder. FIRST doesn’t normally lay their data out like this, and I’d need to manually reproduce the team regions for prior seasons to get those charts. I’ll keep thinking about if there’s a better way to lay it out.


Listing by state/nation is probably sufficient, because it’s not clear how to define “region.”

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Very nice!

I’m wondering where you are sourcing the data. The FRC API does not appear to have anything yet for the 2021 season. Of course, I might not be looking at the correct endpoint, but I’ve tried the obvious choice listed in the API docs as well as some others that were at least worth a test.

Am I the only person getting a blank page that says “password required”


I am now. I’ve been able to access the site just fine the past couple days.

Any update on when or if this site may be back up?

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Hi all,

Sorry for the unceremonious removal of the public site. After launching I made some startling discoveries in the potential veracity of our dataset and barring a more public and obvious sources to use for the project, it’s very likely frcregs will not be open before the registration deadline normally closes. I left the rough total in the page meta, for when linked in Slack or Discord, but don’t treat it as any sort of absolute truth.

When building a project like this, my intent was to be accurate and useful, and while useful it seems to have failed on the latter count. My sincere apologies. Hopefully one day again, frcregs can live again. I’ve left the old team name functionality public though, as that one is as accurate as I can get it to be.

Best wishes and stay safe,



Nope. Mark still has data the FIRST forgot about long ago.


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