FRCSIM Adding Gyro to LiveWindow

After a few hours of struggling, I was able to get the simulator up and running. I am currently running the GearsBot example. I am having trouble getting the gyro from to appear in the LiveWindow when I run test mode. The encoders and rangefinder are both working fine, but no gyro widget appears. Has anyone else had this problem? The gyro works when I run Teleop or Autonomous (I can print the values to the SmartDashboard and they change appropriately as I turn the robot).

// Relevant Code
        private SpeedController frontLeftMotor = new Talon(1);
	private SpeedController rearLeftMotor = new Talon(2);
	private SpeedController frontRightMotor = new Talon(3);
	private SpeedController rearRightMotor = new Talon(4);

	private RobotDrive drive = new RobotDrive(frontLeftMotor, rearLeftMotor, frontRightMotor, rearRightMotor);

	private Encoder leftEncoder = new Encoder(1, 2);
	private Encoder rightEncoder = new Encoder(3, 4);
	private AnalogInput rangefinder = new AnalogInput(6);
	private AnalogGyro gyro = new AnalogGyro(1);

	public DriveTrain() {

		// Encoders may measure differently in the real world and in
		// simulation. In this example the robot moves 0.042 barleycorns
		// per tick in the real world, but the simulated encoders
		// simulate 360 tick encoders. This if statement allows for the
		// real robot to handle this difference in devices.
		if (Robot.isReal()) {
		} else {
			// Circumference in ft = 4in/12(in/ft)*PI
			leftEncoder.setDistancePerPulse((4.0 / 12.0 * Math.PI) / 360.0);
			rightEncoder.setDistancePerPulse((4.0 / 12.0 * Math.PI) / 360.0);

		// Let's show everything on the LiveWindow
		LiveWindow.addActuator("Drive Train", "Front_Left Motor", (Talon) frontLeftMotor);
		LiveWindow.addActuator("Drive Train", "Back Left Motor", (Talon) rearLeftMotor);
		LiveWindow.addActuator("Drive Train", "Front Right Motor", (Talon) frontRightMotor);
		LiveWindow.addActuator("Drive Train", "Back Right Motor", (Talon) rearRightMotor);
		LiveWindow.addSensor("Drive Train", "Left Encoder", leftEncoder);
		LiveWindow.addSensor("Drive Train", "Right Encoder", rightEncoder);
		LiveWindow.addSensor("Drive Train", "Rangefinder", rangefinder);
		LiveWindow.addSensor("Drive Train", "Gyro", gyro);

I am using the latest 2017 WPI software plugin and running Gazebo 8.