FRCSim and Gamepads

FRC Community,

I have (finally) been able to work with my team and fool around with frcsim.

We have loaded a spare machine with Ubuntu 14.04LTS and then ran the install script to load frcsim.

Everything seems to install correctly and we can build the model for GearsBot.

However, when we try to run the simulator in Teleop mode the robot takes off to the left in a wide circle (like the right motor is running forward) without any control input. I have tried to plug in a PS3 controller via USB and the dashboard recognizes it. However, no buttons/sticks are working.

Is there something I need to do to enable the joystick? Are there any other checks we can do to verify everything is installed correctly?

BTW The Autonomous mode seems to be working correctly.


i do not know about Linux, but with windows the PS3 controller is not really supported, and i would guess so for all three of the major OSes. (OS’s?)

Now, since i love PlayStation, i looked around and found these articles, and i hope they can be of use to you.

Since the Sixaxis (the joysticks) were not working, i bet this will help the most.

These other articles may help, again i do not usually use Linux so im not sure.

Hope these help!

I have a playstation-like gamepad, and I found that for it to work I had to press the center button first or it would not be recognized.

You can check dmesg to make sure that it’s being recognized by the OS.