Dedicated to FIRST Community Programmers

Greetings FIRST Community,

Our team has spent the summer months working on a website dedicated to archiving and sharing source code for other FIRST teams. We wanted to provide a means for you to locate all the files necessary to download and get your 2001-2003, 2004, or 2005 robot controllers up and running quickly. With permission from Innovation First and the help of other teams, we hope to provide a place that you can learn from example by downloading source code. When you submit a file to our repository, you OWN the file and can come back to update it or delete it from our site anytime. You have full control of the file that is associated with your user name. For a short while, we will moderate all files uploaded to make sure they do not breech commercial copyright, such as MPLAB software etc…please do not upload this type of commercial software.

And now the intro to

Welcome the FIRST Software Repository!

The purpose of this website is to provide a common place on the internet where FIRST robotic programmers can come and share or learn from example code uploaded and hosted on our web server.

This website is a donation to all the teams in the FIRST community. We hope that you can use this web space to store and share code with other teams that can learn C programming by downloading your sample code. By uploading code, you essentially become a mentor to not only your team, but ALL the teams in the FIRST community.

By registering a user name, you can submit code to our repository by using the Add a File function located on the top of the page. Your username is associated with the file you submit. You can come back anytime to edit the file(s) you uploaded.

A forum board is provided to ask questions if needed, and post comments about files that have been submitted. We see this forum space mainly becoming a place to share comments about the source code submitted.

You will find some corporate files on our server. Most of these files are linked rather than hosted on our web server. We have obtained permission to link certain files on other web servers, such as those found on Innovation First’s website.

The web space provided has about 30 GB dedicated to this web site, running on a quad Zeon Intel 3.0 GHz CPUs. Our operating system is Red Hat 9.0 Enterprise Edition. Our web server is located in a data center buried in Virginia which should give you about an OC1 connection.

On behalf of our team and web design students, please accept this website as our donation to the FIRST community. We hope that you will contribute to the website and make it a nice place to learn about programming by downloading source code written by other teams.

Chris Elston
Team Mentor
Huntington, IN
Huntington County 4H Robotics

Looks good but just fyi when you are a guest viewing the site there is an image broken on the home page

thanks. fixed it

Great Idea.

While attempting to register I got the following error (URL =

$lang’link_is_broken’] = <<<#MEMBER_NAME#> has reported the following link as broken: <#THE_LINK#> <#LINK_TO_LINK#> Please login to the site and verify the link. EOF;

This was after I filled in the fields on the second screen. :confused:

When I clicked “Register” on the main page, it takes me to a login for the Invision admin cp. Well, I did manage to finally register by attempting to login as “Guest,” then clicking the register link there.

Looks like we have Two registration links. The one below the avator picture goes to the admin page…weird…the one above the the avator picture is the correct one.

register link

Well anyways…one of these days after we find all the bugs and things we missed, I hope you guys like and contribute to the site.

Great idea! BTW, is this just for the robot code? or can it be for other FRC related programs. IE we are working on a computer program that makes changing the automous faster. Would that work?

Any software you wish to share with everyone will be ok. We hope to put it all in one common place. I often time find myself going here and there to get everything I need. I hope we can provide a common place and free bandwidth to all.

Hello all, I am Larry the other webmaster of the FSR (FIRST Software Repository), some of you may already know me. :rolleyes: I would also like to add a note…

As Chris said the point of the site is to get everything in one place. But this does not just include “present year” things. We would also like to have archives of past year code, programs, etc. Many teams (1501 being one of these teams) do off-season projects with old robot controllers. It is always nice to be able to go back and find the stuff you need for say a 2003 controller.

Many times i get tired of going place to place searching for programs example code, etc. I feel once this takes off, and we get all the bugs worked out, it will be a very helpful place for the programmers in the FIRST Community.