FRCStats - Interactive Score Distribution Visualization

For the past couple of years I’ve posted histograms of scores on Reddit and CD, which were pretty well-received by both communities. However, at the end of each week I had to manually assemble new pictures, so they were always a little bit out of date. Also, I would often get requests for specific things like certain events, only qualification or elimination matches, only auto points, etc.

To solve this, I made FRCStats. You can use it to view an up-to-date distribution of scores. Features right now include:

  • Optionally filtering by events
  • Viewing previous games (back to 2013)
  • Only showing practice matches, qualification matches, or elimination matches (practice matches not supported for 2015)
  • The median score and the 25th and 75th percentiles are shown
  • Showing the distribution of auto scores, teleop scores, foul points, and total points separately
  • Cool animations and responsive design

You can find the source code, which is in CoffeeScript, on on GitHub. Let me know if this is useful to anyone, or if there are any feature requests or bug reports. Some features I’d like to implement include showing where a certain team or group of teams place in the distribution and maybe some auto-generated “fun facts” like in the manual charts from previous years.

Pretty neat!

Any chance we could select multiple events to see, for example, what a region’s typical scores are like?


Maybe. That doesn’t seem too hard, but I’ll have look into figuring out a UI for that if I have the time.