*Championship Predictions Contest*

Hey Everyone,

Thanks to those that tuned into our Championship Preview Show. We had a great time! Trent and Zach did a great job showcasing their divisions and Mike and I were thrilled to see how seamlessly we could transition to a virtual guest, it’s something we plan to utilize in the future.

If you missed this episode or any prior episodes they are archived at…

The website has been updated to include predictions by Mike and I as well as some of our experts.

Just for fun, we decided to have a little predictions contest. You get one point for having the correct team and one bonus point if that team is in the correct location (IE Alliance Captian, 2nd Pick ETC). Most points wins. The winner will be announced LIVE on our Championship Wrap-up Show on May 4th @ 10:30PM EST! Have Fun and Good Luck!!


Not sure if I am just misunderstanding the blurb or if there is a mistake in your expert predictions but -Log[k] is listed as picking 33-1718-191 in Galileo but the blurb underneath seems to suggest a win by 1114-111-1771.

Thank You, it was my mistake.