*Championship Preview Show**Tuesday @10:30*

Hey everyone!

349 teams are signed up for the FIRST Robotics World Championship. Join mike and I as we rank them from #349 all the way to #1!!:ahh: Ok, i’m kidding, we’re not going to do that… but what we are going to do is spend time talking about each division, highlighting the elite teams and also discussing some dark horse teams. We plan to talk about each division for 15-20 mins.

After we finish discussing the division, we will make predictions that we will be posted on FRC Top So on our Championship recap show, where we will also be counting down The 2011 FRC Top 25, we’ll discuss our predictions against what actually happened.

Now for the best part, but it’s up to the FIRST community to come through, Mike and I would like to have special guests on the show to talk about their respective divisions. What we would do is have you log onto our livestream studio and activate your camera. Then when it’s your turn to talk, we will put your camera on the air LIVE! We are looking ONE representative for each division. Please understand that we cannot chose everyone so if your aren’t selected don’t feel like we don’t appreciate the offer. We really do, it’s just more of a time thing than anything else.

We are currently looking for a rep for…

If your not brave enough to go live, feel free to send us any information regarding divisions and/or teams that you think we could use on the show!

Our email, as always is [email protected]

Mike and I are really excited! And just as another reminder, the show will be TUESDAY @ 10:30, not Wednesday this week. Thanks!


PS: If you are an expert, instead of voting this week, email us with your Einstein Predictions (All 4 Alliances) and we will put those on the site!

I would offer to rep for Curie but I’m not a Sabres fan and no longer allowed to watch FRCTop25 :rolleyes:

Only if my team was gonig to champs… =(