[FRCTop25.com] District Championships Recap Show!

Hey everyone!
This is it! All Pre-Championship competition is over! It was very exciting to watch the four District Championships this past weekend.

We are very excited to go over this past weekend’s competition. Justin and I will be live on the air TONIGHT at 9pm Eastern at http://www.new.livestream.com/FRCTop25 to talk about everything that happend!

We would love to hear from you! Please email us at [email protected] with any information related to the District Championships, we would love to include your information in our show!

Thanks everyone, we’ll see you later tonight!

When will the archive be up? I was looking forward to this weeks show.

I was confused by the same thing too. They posted this post at midnight their time, and today meant Tuesday for them. So it will be Tuesday night at 6PM PDT for us.

Didn’t notice it on Delphi and surprisingly didn’t get an e-mail from Livestream this time :confused:

I will definitely check out the archive when it’s up.

To clear up the confusion. This show will be Tuesday 4/15 at 9pm EST.

Will you please post an agenda with the order in which you are covering the DCMPs. Some of of us may not have time to watch the whole show.

Yes, so sorry for the confusion everyone, the show will be tonight (Tuesday) at 9PM Eastern. I was feeling ethnocentrical and was waiting until 12am my time to post, but forgot about the west coast, and that it may cause confusion! Haha.

See you all tonight!

Here is the link to the archive for tonight’s show! Thanks for tuning in everybody!


Great job as always tonight! Loved the story-by-story recap of elims.