and Greet Ice Cream Social!

Hey Everyone!
Justin and I can’t believe that we’ll be headed to St. Louis tomorrow! We are so excited for Championships!

Justin and I will be hanging out at Gelateria Tavolini tomorrow night (Wednesday) from like 9-10PM. We invite anyone out for a “Meet and Greet” time, where we can talk about robots, division predictions and whatever else over a bowl of ice cream! (To be clear, Justin and I are NOT paying for your ice cream… :P) We’ll be bringing some of our students with us, so join us for one last night of relaxing with some ice cream before the mass chaos we know as Championships begins! Here are directions from the Convention center to Gelateria Tavolini! (It’s only a couple blocks from the Dome!!!) We hope you can make it out at least for a few minutes!
-Mike and Justin

ps. Justin and I will primarily be on the 2nd floor of the party on Saturday night! We’re seeing if maybe we can do a small broadcast from the wrap party, so stay tuned! :slight_smile: Come say hi!

I hope you cleared this with the team leader before you told kids they could go for Ice Cream and that Justin could get out of his Chaperone duties.

Have fun, Maybe I’ll stop by.

I hope some of you guys can come, the ice cream is supposed to be really good. It will be a fun thing to do after the hectic pit time on Wednesday!

If you think you can make it please post!

And to ammend Mike’s post before he has a chance to edit it, we will be hanging out on the 2nd Floor of the America’s Center during the FIRST Cafe’.

I think I’ll be able to show up granted my flight isn’t delayed. I could use some ice cream and more talk about championship.

Sounds like fun! I’ll try to see if I can go.

Ice cream AND scouting? This place must be like heaven.

Awww. That is quite the walk from my hotel by the Arch! :frowning:


There is a downtown trolley 1 block from our hotel (we are also @ the Drury Arch) that goes to within 1 block of the Gelateria. The front desk has copies of the trolley map.

It also goes to the Dome.

A week or day pass enables you to use the whole Metro system. Single passes are available too.

Here’s the links:–final.jpg

Have fun!


I know I plan to make it out there, maybe with one more buddy and also with your WildStang shirts.

EDIT: I might be late due to our team dinner.