[FRCTop25.com]- Pre-IRI Show on 7/18!

Hello everyone!
Justin and I are pleased to announce that we will be doing a Pre-IRI show this Wednesday, the 18th, at 9:30pm EST! We are so excited to be back on the air, and there is tons to talk about! You can tune in live on Wednesday at http://www.livestream.com/MikeandJustinITM

We’ll be talking about IRI (of course), the Einstein Report, FIRST in 2013, and whatever else you would like us to talk about!

Please email us at [email protected], with ANY information concerning IRI or the Einstein Report that you think would be good conversation for the show! We love hearing from you guys!

Justin and I WILL be at IRI, so please make sure you come up and say hi and introduce yourself! We loved meeting so many of you at Championship and would like to meet more of you! We’re going to start using the hashtag #IRIbound on our twitter @mikeandjustin, and we’d love to see you guys use it too!

Thanks! See you on Wednesday!

Since I’ll be awakening at Thursday 4 am to start my drive, I’ll be asleep by then.:mad: But I’ll be sure to catch the recording Thursday night!

clears throat


YAY! i am so happy that you’re doing a show :slight_smile: I better be able to watch or i’ll be upset :stuck_out_tongue: C you all there!

Lucky you. We have to meet at the school at 4:mad: I will have to get up at 2:30 (read: won’t be going to sleep:D)

Hope I can watch the cast, we are doing the mighty pack up Wednesday night.

Yes that 10 minute drive for me Thursday afternoon is going to be tough :slight_smile:

That’s a little tougher than the 14 hour bus ride I’m taking. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t rub it in.

Well now I have some FRC Top25 to occupy at least an hour and a half of my 14 hour bus ride to IRI.

But I do have to come home first and change.

Can’t wait to hear the cast, just don’t get too bogged down on the Einstein Report. It’s best to avoid dwelling on controversial topics

Can’t wait to see what you guys think of the IRI Teams, might have to pick up a team from the waiver pool for Fantasy FIRST depending on what i hear.

I hope our hotel has internet (free, since I’m cheap like that).

Since people seem to be posting travel lengths, I personally like the ~6hr ride in a Sprinter van with Jim Zondag and the rest of the team attending.

Super 8 again?

I’m not involved in planning this trip, although I heard it’s not the Super 8. Not that we didn’t have fun last year.

Ah well. I imagine most hotels in the area offer free internet, as does the Super 8.

And hopefully this “internet” is more reliable than ours in St. Louis. That was interesting.

As for the drive, yeah it’s 5:30h, but we’re caravaning in private vehicles, so it shouldn’t be bad.

Anyway… Yay! FRC Top 25 show! Hopefully I can remember to catch it.

Join us tonight @ 9:30PM EST! We are really excited!

As usual, if you have something you would like us to discuss, shoot as an email!

For us it will only be a 5:30 hour ride, and leaving at 3pm, unless we HAVE. To unload on thursday. We would be losing our programmer if we leave earlier than that.

Im surprised your ride is 6 hours. Ours is less than that and we’re crossing the bridge, we’re from windsor :stuck_out_tongue: Arent you guys just outside of detriot?

EST? Most of the continent is using Daylight Saving Time right now.

Hoping to watch on the 12 hr trip to IRI.
Will the recording be up by the next morning?
Thanks for doing the show!

2 hours until show time! Hope you can make it!