[FRCTop25.com] Pre-Season Rankings!

Hey everyone!

Mike and I are really excited to be starting the second season of Mike and Justin ITM featuring the FRC Top 25! To start the season off and to get everyone back in the groove of voting, we decided to have a pre-season Top 25 that will be announced on our first competition season episode on Wednesday, February 29th at 10:30PM EST

Voting will commence immediately and will run through Monday Evening. Tuesday, Mike and I tabulate votes to get ready for the show so get your votes in before then!

There are some stipulations to voting. Aside from the normal regulations listed on the website, for the preseason rankings you can only vote for a team that has publicly released media. Please take into account all of the robots that you have seen, and like we say often during the season, do some research! It’s actually fun looking at all of the robot designs out there.

Go here to vote! http://frctop25.com/VoterPage.html

Please remember this is just for fun!

Also, now would be a good time to remind everyone that we are always looking for viewer involvement. To get involved you have several options…

-Create your own segment (of about 60-90 seconds) that you can submit to YouTube and we will use it on the show (Like this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlBkoV-WvTI&feature=youtu.be)
-Send us an email with some topics that you would like covered
-Watch the show and participate in the LIVE chat

Please remember:

**You can NOT vote for a team that has not produced a picture/video publicly. **
This means, if they did not post a picture here on Chief Delphi, or a video on YouTube, or on their website, etc, you may NOT vote for that team. Any lists that come in with teams that have not met this criteria will be voided.

This is to prevent a “popularity contest” from happening. We really want you guys to look in to the robots that have been publicly published and formulate a list of teams that you think will be successful this year.

Thanks so much guys! We couldn’t do it without you! See you next week!

If its not too much work, could you guys post a list of “approved teams” that have released media publicly on your site, ideally with a link(s) to the media. This would make it much easier for everyone to generate an informed vote.

As much as I agree this would help, its not something we’re going to do.

If someone else wants to all the power to them.

Take a quick look through Robot Showcase and try and throw a list together. :cool:

This thread was created for something like that in mind: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=103565

Understandable, it would be a lot of work. Could you at least post a list of “approved teams”. If you are going to be voiding users lists if they vote for a team without media, you must be keeping a list of eligible teams.

Unfortunately not all teams use this thread as it quickly gets derailed when people start commenting on specific robot designs. Perhaps someone could make a post in that thread each time a robot is released with a link to the media (even if that someone isn’t affiliated with the robot).

Dang it, i voted before this was posted.

However I want to ask, how do you determine who is publicly view-able? I have seen a few teams featured in public videos that have not been posted by the team itself. Do they still count? Also, if a team has posted a ‘teaser’ does that count, or is it strictly full reveals?

If you saw the robot and another person could stumble on the same robot then you could vote for it.
Teasers Count.

We don’t want to be too strict, just something to have fun with.

Hmmm, our robot is working…We have some videos on youtube…But cant seem to be able to fidn em… meh

Sometimes videos take a few minutes to become live. Wait a while, then find them and post them here on CD.


here is team 3038’s submission

Votes are coming in and will be accepted until Monday Evening.

If you ever want to update your list, submit a new one anytime and when votes are tabulated we will use your most recent list.

Just a heads up, you have two days left to vote!

Get in the habit now of voting every week!

What are we supposed to enter in the Mentor/Student box at the bottom of the voting page? Is it multiple choice or are we supposed to enter our name?

Enter if your a mentor or student

Just type in “Mentor”, or “Student”, depending on which one you are. And also your Chief Delphi name in the appropriate box.

Also, this is the last night that you will be able to vote! Keep 'em coming! We can’t wait for the show on Wednesday!

Thanks for voting everyone! Voting is now closed.

We’ll see you Wednesday night!

Justin, did you get my PM?

I am rendering the final copy of the video as I type. Are you guys still attempting to do the “By The Numbers” type of series?

Yeah man sorry I didn’t respond. We are looking forward to using your video and definitely plan on running the segment! Thanks a lot Mike and I can’t wait to see it.