[FRCTop25.com] Week 1 Preview Show!

Hey everyone!

Just a couple days removed from Premiere Night, Mike and I will be back tomorrow night(2/25) at 9PM EST to continue our 4th season of FRC Top 25. You can find the webcast at http://www.frctop25.com/watch/

This will probably be a shorter show but you can count on an hour or so depending on the amount of topics sent in by you! Since there won’t be a Top 25 this week, we’re counting on you give us some talking points and you can do that a number of ways…

[email protected] (better for longer or in depth topics)


You can also post in this thread or just ask in the live chat during the show!

We’ll be talking about all Week 1 events, how we expect the game to be played and highlight some of the great teams you can catch this week and more!

We hope to see you then!

Some topics I think would be great to cover:

Common strats you think will do great in quals
Having a “supercoach” for an alliance in quals and elims
Teams you think we should watch out for at each regional and district this week.
General thoughts of what week 1 competition will be like this year.
Your predictions for average quals score, elims score.

2 topics to discuss:

1.) autonomous blockers - a number of teams have shown they have a 2 (or more) ball autonomous, meaning not all 3 robots need to be in the white zone for all 3 balls to be scored in auto. Will blockers become an important strategy for auto?

2.) optimal cycle - alliances have a number of different ways to complete a cycle, each worth a different amount of points and taking a different amount of time. is there some sort of optimal cycle? one that gives the most amount of points for the shortest amount of time, maximizing a typical alliance’s scoring potential? truss shot, 2 assists, high goal. 3 assists, no truss shot, high goal. 1 assist, truss shot, high goal… etc.

Establish a betting line for the number of user pflynn will ban during the show.

Great topics guys, thanks a lot!

We banned over 30 on Premiere Night. I’ll set the Over/Under at 6. Any takers?

My guess is 17.

Wait… is this spam or just people being mean?

I would say that 99% of those were people being mean/ nonGP. They have a similar trend of making rude FIRST comments directed at teams.

I would also like to apologize to anyone that I accidentally banned in the process of getting to someone that deserved to be banned. If you are still banned tonight and believe you shouldn’t be send an email to us with your username and we will look into removing your ban. At our discretion.

Effectiveness of multi-ball autonomous modes
Complementary robot styles
Drivetrains: Gear low or high?
Most stacked regional/district events

As long as it’s not me again! :ahh:

Very excited to watch FRCtop25. You guys have been a really awesome facet of the FIRST community for years. Thanks, for all you do.

You could discuss the top 5 or so robots in your opinion based on all those who have shown their robot (premiere night or not)

I’d like to hear a topic discussing that the 8th alliance might turn out stronger than the number 1 alliance at a lot of regionals. There just may not be 24 robots that can pass efficiently but there might be 17.

I’m going to miss the live action tonight. I’d still like to see some discussion about the two new districts and the district points award system being implemented this year.

I’m thinking 21.

some of us just got banned for saying “hi” to a team. Just sayin’

This is definitely the year of the lower seed advantage I think. I’d like to hear some discussion on that though.

It’s also a year for scouting and strategy. The more I look at this game, the more interesting it becomes. Good engineering is only part of the game.

Looking forward to the show.

Could be worse, like getting banned for no reason and not even knowing.

will there be an archive of the show somewhere for anyone who may not be able to tune in live?

I actually think this is going to vary quite a bit by regional. One very big advantage a top seeded team could have is being able to start out with that perfect 75 point autonomous score (or very close to it) taken care of mostly between the two high ranked robots alone. That’s something that may or may not be easily duplicated at the lower seeds depending on shooting capability and hot goal recognition. Again, this discrepancy will vary wildly by regional, I think.

After autonomous, there is quite a bit of variance on how things could play out depending on that third robot’s capability to synergize well with the other high seed robots in just one facet of the game. That could be shooting, outlet passing, defense, etc. This will require the other two robots to be very versatile in their skill sets in order to accomodate the vast array of possibilities for that third alliance partner capability. If the top robots are too one dimensional or too hesitant to adjust their playstyle based on their partners, I think that’s the recipe for top seeds getting upset.