[FRCTop25.com] Week 1 Results

We’re going LIVE soon (Just under 15 mins)

Mike and I will have the results for the Top 25 teams in FRC based on your votes! Join us LIVE as we chat and count them down from 25 to number 1!

If you have any questions you’d like Mike and I to discuss LIVE, send us an email at [email protected] or tweet us @MikeandJustin!

Use this thread to discuss the results after the show and we’ll let you know here when the archive of this episode is up in case you missed it!

Join us!


Congratulations to team 1986! You guys really earned your place as #1. Your intake, shooter, climber, and overall gameplay/driving were incredible. I look forward to meeting you at champs!

Congratulations to all the other teams, too! Your spots on the list were very well deserved.

Now I’m even more excited to see all of the awesome teams competing in week 2!

Will the recording be up soon? I had to miss the live show.

Thank you so much. I could not quite visualize how a robot could be faster and more effective than ours in the teleop core of the game until I saw video of your play. Just amazing speed and efficiency. We each have our own specialties but also very similar strengths. It is an honor to share the top two slots with you and as Justin said, they were very close. Wouldn’t it be fun to play together!

It would indeed! :slight_smile:

Yet again, Livestream is having a problem on their end. :frowning: We don’t know why they keep having issues. For some reason, some of the clips don’t get uploaded right. Totally not our fault.
We’ll email them and see what they can do.

Thanks for being understanding!

I usually don’t comment on this stuff, but there is no way on earth we should be ranked above Excel. They were the best robot at Traverse City (with 1918 a close second) and we were nowhere near their capability.

Wow, 13th! Y’all were very forgiving of our inconsistency in Hub City. We hope to improve significantly in Milwaukee to deserve such a ranking.