[FRCTop25.com]- Week 1 Voting NOW OPEN!

Hello everyone!
And just like that, Week one of competition is over for Recycle Rush! We can’t wait for the rest of the season, but before that happens, we need to vote on who YOU think are the Top 25 robots in FRC for week 1 of competitions.

In case you missed the new details during Premiere Night, this year we are changing the voting up a little bit…
Each week you will only be able to vote for those teams who actually competed that week.

We believe that this will allow more teams the chance to be in the spotlight, and will keep it interesting from week to week. We will have a final rankings show/voting, which details will be released at later time.

That all being said, please head on over to www.FRCTop25.com/Vote to cast your ballot! Voting will be open through Tuesday at 12pm noon EST. After voting, you can catch our live show Tuesday night at 9pm EST where we count down the Top 25 teams. Join us at www.FRCTop25.com/Watch to join in the discussion!

Thank you everyone! We can’t wait to see who comes out on top, and we hope you can join us Tuesday Night!

Mike and Justin

Too bad we can’t see most of the results from the weekend. :frowning:

Most of the data is now available on TBA FIRST has been working to restore the data as more has been being available throughout the day

Does any error on the ballot invalidate the entire ballot?

For instance, if I mistype one of my choices are all the others rejected?

Also should I enter the team numbers in order by my own estimation of their worth? Viz., my #1 pick first, #2 pick second?


If this is the format you guys will be using in the future (and I hope it is since I think a weekly robot pool is awesome), it would be really helpful if your voting system would verify team numbers when you try to submit. If the team number isn’t valid for the week then it would mark the field and give you a chance to fix it. I believe Google forms may have an easy way to do this.

Regardless, thank you guys for what you do! Always fun to watch the show.

This is currently a work in progress, I have not determined an easy way to do this with Google forms yet though. If you have any suggestions please point me in that direction.

Last nights stream is up at http://www.frctop25.com/archived-shows-2015/
if you missed it or would like to watch it again!

If you go from a question into advanced settings there is a data validation option. If you select Regular expression -> Contains -> [enter options]. Google says they use regex which would use the line | as “or” so entering


would allow only those inputs. It also allows custom error text if you want to explain that you only let teams that competed be nominated. I don’t know of a way that you can allow an input from a spreadsheet unless you want a drop down list–there’s an add on for that but scrolling through can be very difficult.

I’m not sure if there’s a limit for how many options the form can have. I tried 1|2|3…|50 and it allowed that*, but I didn’t test beyond that because I haven’t found a fast way to string together numbers (I used concatenate in excel but it still takes me a while).

Picture of the options I selected:

Valid entry in a form:
Invalid entry in a form:

*It also allowed 51 as an entry, but I’m not sure if it’s because of a typo I made, the length of the options, or something else.