[FRCTop25.com]- Week 1 Voting!

Hey everyone!

Week 1 of Ultimate Ascent is in the books. There were some great robots playing this past weekend and some epic matches. Take some time to review what went on this weekend and vote for the Top 25 teams in FRC!

Quick reminder, you can’t vote for a team that hasn’t competed yet and you cannot vote for a team you are affiliated with.

A few more things…

  • If you feel your robot may be in the Top 25, send Justin and I an email and give us some robot stats and things you might want people to know

  • If you want to make a video of any kind, weather it be a recap video of a regional, a release video for a robot we haven’t seen yet or a match highlight from this past weekend, email it to us, we’ll be happy to show it (Less then 2 mins preferred)

  • If you were at an event this weekend, send us an email about what went on, could be interesting stories, alliance selection decisions, good plays, or anything really, let us know. Justin and I can’t watch every event and we count on the FIRST community to fill us in

  • If there are any questions you’d like us to answer on the show, shoot us an email

And don’t forget to watch our LIVE webshow Wednesday night at 9PM EST as we count down the first Top 25 rankings of 2013! See you then!

Voting Link: http://frctop25.com/html/Vote.html

Email: [email protected]

Remember, we do this for fun. The results are in no where “official”. We know many great teams miss the list, but we feel the doing the FRC Top 25 has caused some teams to hit the spotlight that normally wouldn’t have.

Thanks! Let the voting begin, and we’ll see you on Wednesday!

Hurry! You only have 1 day left to get your votes in! There were some great robots that competed this weekend, help them get recognized.

Also, if you feel your robot may be in the Top 25, please send us some info on your robot and how your weekend went.

As always, if you have and topics you would like Mike and I to discuss, please shoot us am email at [email protected]


Looking forward to the webcast. What time do you cut off the voting?

Probably around 5pm EST

See you tonight!

At 9?

Yes, Voting will be closed at 5 PM EST, and the Webcast will begin at 9 PM EST