*Week 2 Voting*

Hey everyone,

A few things about voting this week.

First off, please respect the New York City Regional, they will finish Today (Sunday). Hold off on voting until all teams have completed matches for this week.

Second, please try to do your best remembering/including teams from prior weeks.(Obviously now there is only one prior week but as the season goes on this will become more important.) Obviously teams you saw this week will be at the forefront of your memory but don’t forget some of the great teams that played last week.

Remember the polls aren’t cumulative, a team can completely drop out of the rankings one week and move to the top the next.

Votes need to be in Tuesday night. Thanks for your continued participation. None of this would work without it.

Like last week, join Mike and I on Wednesday night @10:30 EST as we count down the FRC Top 25!


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Man, this is going to be a lot harder to do on weeks where I was too busy competing to even know who won what regional.

Luckily for people in your situation, we have archives of both San Diego and Kansas City. Big thanks to the High Rollers and MORE for your great work on instant archiving! Similarly thank to the Enginerds for Kettering archive in Week 1.

Hey all!
So week two regionals are now over. So it’s time to cast your votes for who you think are the top 25 teams in FRC through week two! Head on over to to vote! Please remember that the voting includes all robots who have competed in week one OR week two. You have until Tuesday night to cast your votes!

Also, Justin and I will be releasing the results LIVE on the air this wednesday at 10:30pm EST on our livestream channel. We’ll see ya then!

Voted. Forgot some teams but I have a few more weeks to get it right! :rolleyes:

Where can we see the latest OPR?

How about here?

Event	Week	Team	OPR
PIT	2	1114	62.9768
WI	2	111	58.752
GG	1	33	56.7075
STX	1	148	56.5229
SDC	2	987	55.1992
ROC	1	217	54.4144
ROC	1	2056	52.7503
DMN	2	2512	49.8532
SDC	2	254	49.1796
NJ	1	1676	46.3775
NJ	1	2016	45.5644
NJ	1	1218	45.5229
DMN	2	876	44.9698
OC1	2	573	43.6522
NY	2	359	43.5552
ROC	1	1126	43.2325
KC	2	3284	41.255
FL	2	179	40.8756
WOR	2	40	40.6288
SDC	2	1538	40.2233
NH	1	1519	40.1307
PIT	2	1503	39.337
NH	1	131	38.6893
KC	2	1730	38.5652

```<br><br><a class='attachment' href='/uploads/default/original/3X/a/7/a7b4333f1eda0e7a2a72b6d32857c5efc542f551.xls'>OPR.xls</a> (71.5 KB)<br><br><br><a class='attachment' href='/uploads/default/original/3X/a/7/a7b4333f1eda0e7a2a72b6d32857c5efc542f551.xls'>OPR.xls</a> (71.5 KB)<br>

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Man thats scary. We have the 51st best OPR and we dont even have a minibot, imagine if we did :cool: Cant wait for SMR!

Actually you are 51st (still good). There is no NY data in that sheet (there is in the post). 359 is 15th, 395 is 26th, & 3419 is 43rd from NY.

:o I could have sworn I hit save before I attached that.

Updated sheet including New York is now attached to the previous post.

One day left to vote!!

We need your participation!

This is probably in the wrong thread…

How does OPR work? 548 did quite well at Waterford, finishing 14-5 and winning both the District and Chairmans, yet we are rather low.

Thanks in advance.


Excited to see the release Wednesday night

I’m going to vote tomorrow night, I hope.

As someone who volunteers first (with FLL\JrFLL) at the regional and works with my team second, I find it very difficult to pick 25 teams when I did not get much time watch competition.

I’m just wondering if for next year you would consider leaving the max teams at 25 but only making it required to submit 10 or so?

We might consider it, but if your only filling out 10 teams because that’s all you got to see then its not really fair to the other teams that you didn’t see.

I understand that most people who are voting aren’t watching every single match every weekend but with some research I don’t think filling out 25 teams is out of the question.

OPR is an average measure of how many points your team can score in a match. The formula takes all the matches you played and analyzes the scores, comparing that data to the scores your alliance partners put up in their matches, and solves a giant system of equations to approximate how many points your team is worth in a match.

It’s not a perfect system, for example, defensive robots do not tend to have high OPR’s compared to offensive robots but can still be very good. It’s just one objective way of looking at robots.

Also remember you are in a national ranking. After looking through the waterford scores, they seem significantly lower than many of the other rationals.

Looking through your Q matches your high score was 67

Where at teams like 217 had 2 Q matches in which the score was over 120 points.

It seems your ranking for your event would be very high, but not nationally. Again OPR doesn’t take into account your record or awards. It takes into account your teams contribution to the points scored.

In events where the field is starved for tubes, there is a good chance you will not rank very high on the national polls.

Alright, thanks for the explanation!