Week 3 *Results Broadcast LIVE Tonight!*

Hey everyone!

Mike and I have been adding up the votes and we have the results of the FRC Top 25 teams through week three!!

We will be releasing the results LIVE tonight (3/23) at 10:30PM EST via webcast at

Please join us! We have a great time with over 100 people watching last week!

We want your participation! Before we release the Top 10 and again at the Top 5, we take a break from the list and take questions from the Chat or questions that were emailed in prior. If you have a question that you think would be a great discussion topic please send us an email at [email protected]

Thanks for all your hard work voting this week! See you tonight!

  • Justin and Mike

PS: We’ve had some upgrades on the set of the show that you might notice :slight_smile:

Looking forward to it. I’m really enjoying this concept so far, good way to gauge where the top teams are throughout the season. Thanks for the hard work!

Only a few hours away!
We have lots of new information on our teams! We’re really looking forward to the show tonight! Please stop on by at 10:30 PM EST!! We have lots of other things to talk about as well! Don’t forget to send us an email with questions or things you would like us to discuss!
See you later!

Amazed you guys were able to keep track of information for about 14 competitions this week.

…and it’s even nicer that you’re running a live webcast every week, building excitement for the season. Rock On!

Going live in less than 10 minutes! Join us!

Thanks to everyone who tuned in. We really appreciate it.

If you missed the show this week thats ok! We recorded the broadcast and it can be viewed on-demand by going to our livestream channel @

Sorry for the slight audio problems, it’s hard to monitor the levels and keep the show going.

Enjoy the Week 4 regionals, take some notes and please Vote!

-Justin and Mike

PS: I’ll practice saying ICK-uh-russ, I know that now, sorry for the mistake 2081.

Haha dont worry about the pronunciation, were just ecstatic to make the list!

Is there a way we can combine the public and expert polls into one?

Maybe take the two polls and make the expert poll count as 50%, the public poll count as 50%, then put them together.

I think these would be more useful if there was one definitive list.