[FRCTop25.com] Week 3 Results LIVE tonight!

After 3 intense weeks of Aerial Assist, the voters have spoken and tonight we’ll count down the FRC Top 25 at 9PM EST over at:

Tonight we have a great show planned, we’ll be recapping events from the past week, previewing Week 4 events and discussing viewer questions and topics!

This thread is a great place to post anything you’d like us to discuss or feel free to email us; [email protected]

If you’d like to call in LIVE and ask your question on the air, put CALL IN in the subject line and we’ll work out the details!

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All the hype is on Waterloo right now(some good teams going for sure), but (slightly biased) Wisconsin is the regional to watch this weekend. From top to bottom the competition will be tough with well over half of the teams having already competed.

The vast amount of rookies attending Great Lakes Bay. (20 of 39 teams are rookies). Should be a wonderful learning experience for them looking at some of the experienced teams that will be there.

Live in 15 minutes! Still time to join us! new.livestream.com/FRCTop25

In case you missed it, the archive to tonight’s show can be found HERE!

Thanks for the support!

It seems to be having the chopped up effect again.

Is there a way to watch the live feed on iOS devices ? I want to watch the Waterloo Regional on mobile.