[FRCTop25.com] Week 4 Results LIVE tonight!

As we pass the halfway point of the Regional / District season, the Top 25 boasts some impressive teams that have played some great matches. Tune in tonight at 9PM EST at www.new.livestream.com/frctop25 to see how the ranking shake out this week.

Post in this thread any topics you’d like us to discuss or you can send us an email, MikeandJustinITM@gmail.com. Use ‘Call In’ in the subject line if you’d like to call in and discuss your topic with us LIVE on the air.

We will be recapping the action from this past weekend and have a few other things we’re looking forward to discussing.

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Thanks for the show guys. Despite the chat, I really enjoyed it :).

Thanks for mentioning the ranks down to 30. It was great to hear something positive about us after all the slamming we have been getting. I think I heard you guys say we won the money, its not true we lost, both teams did not get over 200 points. The whole experience has been very educational about human nature. My team and I are analyzing all that went down and learning from it.

You’re absolutely right, my sincerest apologies that I misspoke!

The archive for tonight’s show is up at https://www.new.livestream.com/FRCTop25/events/2851752 in case you missed it! Thanks for watching, and thanks for the support!

Who were 26-30? I didn’t get a chance to see the webcast…

  1. 3683
  2. 558
  3. 973
  4. 3990
  5. 842

Great show guys!

I’m flattered that voters chose 33 to be the #4 spot even though we did not deserve it based on our week 4 performance.

Our team prides ourselves on continuous improvement. That said, between weeks 1 and 4 we iterated ourselves right out of our initial winning solution in pursuit of certain other functional objectives. In other words, the robot competing at Great Lakes Bay was the result of calculated risks that did not pan out. You can expect us to return back to our Southfield performance level for future events and (hopefully) exceed that as the season continues.

Cheers, Bryan

Thank you!

What were some of the changes you made, and what didn’t work?

33’s innovation keeps inspiring others. I’ve already seen that loop to hold the ball in show up on now two Texas teams. I’m excited to see what they have in store for the future.

can someone just post the top 25 list, for those who can’t watch the whole thing?

Just click the link in any of justin or mikes posts or in the title of there post and it will be found there on their website

May I ask what percentage of voters are Canadian?

I’m trying to figure out if having 6 Canadian teams in the top 25 (or 8 in the top 30) is a result of the broader FRC community thinking Canada has a strong contingent of robots this year, or is it more so because of overrepresentation of Canadian voters?

I occasionally vote on the FRC 25 when I have the time, and I usually vote for teams I’ve seen enough of to form an opinion - which for me are predominantly Canadian.

If there are a lot of Canadian voters who do the same as I do, it could put a disproportionate number of them into the top 25.

…not that I really have a problem with this :p, but it’s data I would be interested in if it’s available!

3990 in 29th position? This made my day. Thank you, voters!

I don’t see any problem with that, let them come and vote :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a minor request for future episodes. If someone is impersonating me and is being derogatory and I ask them to be banned from the chat, can you ban them instead of me?

Its not currently a stat we track. Although its something I have always been very interested in. Google forms won’t auto tell us where you are voting from. Although I think I can indirectly pull it out of Google Analytics. I will investigate that and get back to you.

And whatever you guys are doing on your website to make a simple list drag my 15" rMBP to a halt… it’s impressive. And by impressive I mean stop it. A list shouldn’t require 1GB of memory to render.

Is there any way to see the results of the voting past the top 30?

Andrew, I’m not sure what could be causing this. My 5+ year old computer can generate the list in seconds, even after clearing my cookies.

If you are looking for a specific team shot any of us a PM or email. We do not/ will not publish a full list because there’s no use fueling the fire of arguing over single points and why one team beat another.