[FRCTop25.com] Week 4 Results LIVE tonight!

Yeah, I’ll dig into what the heck you guys were doing tonight and hopefully get back to you. The list generates but scrolling was just sluggish.

I really appreciate the show guys! It is cool to see how it has transitioned over the past four years!

I am having similar issues when scrolling through the results list. It seems to “freeze” when bringing up each chart. I also noticed that all the tabs in my internet browser will slow down with this page open. Hopefully this picture will help.

Just some thrower modifications allowing us to do a short shot in front of the low goal and a full court pass. The changes compromised the accuracy of our most frequently used 9-27ft high goal shot and overall resulted in a large net point loss / match. If anyone would like more information feel free to PM me.

Oh stop it, your making me feel all warm and fuzz inside! On a more serious note, idea’s are cheap and easy to share. We’re always happy to help, just glad some of our ideas are worth borrowing this year.

Cheers, Bryan