[FRCTop25.com] Week 4 Voting!

It’s that time of the week again! Time to get your votes in for the Top 25 teams in FRC through week 4.

Also, try your best to remember all of the great teams who played in early weeks. Though only 15 teams are required, at this point in the season there are easily 25 teams that deserve your vote!

You have until around noon on Wednesday to get your votes in!

A side note, Mike, the rest of Team 340, and I will be competing this week at the Buckeye Regional. We will be traveling on Wednesday evening. This means that our show will most likely return to 10:30PM EST for this week. Stay tuned to our Livestream channel and this thread for final word. But definitely plan on a later start this week.

As always, if you saw anything cool this week or would like to give us a rundown of what went on at your event, feel free to send us an email, [email protected]

Vote here: http://frctop25.com/html/Vote.html

Wish the last show was archived by now, since I was driving to competition and missed it :frowning:

My mom got to watch it and she said that one of you was wearing a skunk shirt when you showed off our video :yikes:

Can’t wait for the next show and good luck to 340 this week!

A portion of the archive is missing of course. Livestream really is a pain. But about on hour of the show is on our channel if you scroll down to video library.

Thanks for the support!

Have you ever considered recording the show with something other than Livestream? Programs like Screen Capture Studio and Cam Studio allow you to record your show (video and audio) live and save it in all sorts of formats. Once saved, you could upload the videos to YouTube or another video sharing site.

I have used similar programs in the past with great success. Just a thought. Looking forward to the show!

Yeah that’s the plan right now. Pat Flynn is going to record the broadcast this week and we think it will work better than the Livestream archiving.


Is funny you should say this, I actually was recording the show with a similar program last week for just that reason. And some how it managed to fail, It wouldn’t properly record when they switched to show outside videos.
I have multiple programs lined up to attempt to record this weeks show so hopefully all of those will not manage to also fail.

You guys should just move to Twitch.

Don’t forget to get your votes in!

Also, don’t forget that this weeks episode will definitely be later than normal, as Justin and I are traveling. (Plan on ~10:30 EST).

Also, be sure to check out our newest video, and first ever episode of “Behind the Bumpers” featuring 1114 Simbotics at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIBaWdIZX7k

Voting is now closed. Thank you to everyone who voted!

**Due to Justin and I traveling to our regional, tonight’s show will be live at around 10:30pm eastern, NOT the usual 9pm.
See ya then!

Please see this announcement regarding the postponement of tonight’s show,

Safe travels to the Mike and Justin crew and all teams traveling for week 5!