[FRCTop25.com]- Week 5 Voting Now Open!!

Hey everyone!
It’s that time of the week again! Time to get your votes in for the Top 25 teams in FRC through week 5.

We know as the season goes on, it’s hard to remember the teams that have played earlier this year, but do your best voting!

You have until around noon on Wednesday to get your votes in!

We love getting emails about teams/competitions! Please feel free to email us at [email protected] with any information you may have!

See you all on Wednesday at 9PM eastern!

Vote here: http://frctop25.com/html/Vote.html

Thanks for doing this every week ! Its a great way to showcase top performing teams across the country.

is it possible to post week 4 rankings to the site ?

Done, try refreshing your page. Thanks for the support!

when is the week 4 podcast going to be uploaded for rewatch?

Voted. Excited to see the new rankings and random video clips again this week.

We tried a new system of recording this week and the webcast has been posted to YouTube here.

Let us know what you think of recording this way!

Looks good, Thanks
1503 name needs to be corrected

It would be awesome to have links to the previous week rankings if they still exist.

Here you go lynca.

2013_Weekly Top 25.pdf (21.9 KB)

2013_Weekly Top 25.pdf (21.9 KB)

About a half hour left to get your votes in! We’ll see ya tonight!