[FRCTop25.com] Week 5 Voting!

Week 5 featured the busiest week of FRC action with 21 events and hundreds of teams competing.

Now, it’s up for you to decide which 25 robots you feel were the best this week. Head to www.frctop25.com/vote to cast your ballot! Then be sure to tune in on Tuesday night at 9PM EST for the Top 25 to be counted down LIVE!

You can watch at www.frctop25.com/watch

Also, we’d love to hear from you! If you saw something awesome or would like to help us out by recapping an event you attend this week shoot us an email at mikeandjustinitm@gmail.com and let us know! We’ll be sure to give you credit on the air for your help!

Week 5 was awesome, can’t wait to talk some robots on Tuesday night. Be sure to vote!

I’m going to promote some FIM teams this week for everyone to consider:

Centerline Semifinal: The winning alliance (Red) consists of Captain 2834(start at far side HP) First Pick 3098(start near side HP) and second pick 4815 (start near landfill).

Escanaba Finals 2: The winning alliance (Red) consists of Captain 2054(3 tote 2 RC auto), First Pick 66(starts near HP) and second pick 5712 (starts near landfill).

Livonia Finals 2: The winning alliance (Red) consists of Captain 67(3 tote auto), First Pick 548 (2 RC from step auto) and 2nd Pick 4405 (1 RC auto).

I know Peachtree isn’t normally considered a competitive event, but if anyone can find video, I highly recommend watching the eliminations and seeing some of the teams who played in them. I’m thinking 1746 deserves a spot up here this week with their consistent play, along with 343 and perhaps 1319

Here is a link to the playoffs of Peachtree: https://youtu.be/xY59zTlQqE0?t=5h54m23s

Lots of good robots at Peachtree this year!

Thank you guys for the links and info! If anyone else would like to share some information to be on the show, please email us at MikeandJustinITM@gmail.com so we can include it!

Thanks everyone! We’ll see you Tuesday night at 9PM EST!

If you are interested, and you probably are, all of the FLR elims are posted on 1511 Rolling Thunder’s Match Video YouTube channel. :smiley:

I’ll work on getting all of the qual matches up ASAP.

Jumping on the bandwagon, here’s all of our 2015 Bridgewater-Raritan MAR District Event full-field footage of the qualification and playoff matches: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPUJJPXRAlERbIefxhH0uoIGTPR-nTXE-

Everyone should be considering these teams:

  • Team 1519 Mechanical Mayhem: They are very deserving. They now have 4 blue banners so far this season having seeded first and won each of the 3 district events they have competed in (including NEU district in week 5). And they do it with a grace that makes working with them an awesome experience as we found out in week 3 at UMASS Dartmouth.
  • Team 195 CyberKnights: They started week 1 with some real difficulties at the Waterbury district event, but they came back so strong winning at TVR in week 4. They proved that they have staying power seeding first and winning at Hartford district event in week 5. They are a force to be reckoned with and a truly great and consistent alliance captain as we found this week.
    And did I forget to mention they have each won a District Chairman’s Award as well. :eek:

We have been very lucky to work with both these amazing teams this year. :D](http://www.chiefdelphi.com//www.pinterest.com/pin/create/extension/)


One of 3 teams in the world with 4 Banners right now, 230 just hasn’t stopped being dominant on and off the field (They have a DCA too!) at all of their events.

Among those competing in New England also consider:

  • 125 (very strong HP-loaded; 3 5-stacks w/RC in at least a half-dozen matches)
  • 2170 (very strong HP-loaded team; usually at least 2 6-stacks w/RC & noodle)
  • 236 (3-tote auto and 2 6-stacks w/RC from HP)
  • 1768 (2-RC canburglar; 2 5-stacks w/RC & noodle from HP)
  • 2877 (2 6-stacks w/RC & noodle)…

Teams to consider at Ventura Regional

330 - 2 stacks of 5 with 3 RCs and noodles on top(HP) 3 RC auto

1717 - 2 stacks of 6 with RCs and noodles on each(LandFill) 3 tote stack auto

4201 - 3 stacks of 6, 2 of them with RCs and noodles(HP)

3512 - 2 stacks of 6 with RCs and noodles on top(HP)

696 - 3 stacks of 5 with RCs on top(HP) Also 3 tote stack and 1 RC auto

I would like to put in a plug for Team 955 CV Robotics
Consistent and reliably putting up 2 noodled stacks of six totes.
Every time…

Philomath District Event winner and a great team to be around.

Some of the notable teams to include from Colorado are:

1730 (Team Driven): Currently ranked 4th in the world for OPR, with good reason! They have a solid 20 point autonomous and can consistently create two stacks of six with bin and noodle or 3 of five from the tote chute.

801 (Horsepower): One of the most efficient landfill stackers in the competition. They could score up to two stacks of six with bin from the landfill during the match.

4499 (The Highlanders): The other primary contender for the title of best landfill bot in Colorado. They were also stacking up to six high with bins, but they also had the ability to grab bins from the step to cap their stacks.

1723 (FBI): With a win in GKC and a finalist finish in Colorado as alliance captain, the FIRST Bots of Independence are on a roll this season.

1339 (Angelbotics): The undisputed canburglar champion of Colorado. In semifinals match 6 they not only beat team 1619’s bin raking mechanism, coming away with one bin in that exchange, but they were able to swiftly move and grab one bin from the clutches of 4593 as well! Angelbotics also had solid stacking skills of their own, creating, and capping, stacks of three and four from the landfill.

These are all in addition to a number of other talented teams such as 3200 (Raptacon), 662 (Rocky Mountain Robotics), 1410 (The Stackin’ Kraken), and all the other teams who participated.

Don’t be modest. You guys had an amazing machine and the drive skill needed to utilize it.

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Hey everyone! Quick heads up about tonight’s show. We will be moving the start of our show to 10PM EST to avoid people needing to “choose” between Top 25 and GameSense. Now you get to watch both!

Be sure to catch Nick Lawrence and the GameSense Crew 9-10PM EST at http://frcgamesense.com/watchlive.html

and then switch on over to www.frctop25.com/watch at 10PM EST to hear about this past weekends events and the Top 25 for Week 5!

It’s an action packed night of FRC webshows!

Here’s the archive from tonight’s show! Thanks for watching!!

Thanks for doing the show.

I am looking forward to Week 6, where a couple of Michigan’s “usual suspects” (33 and 2337) will be out for their second district events.

A quick look at your archives shows just how far this game has progressed. In Week 1, Team 33 came in at #5 on the list with an OPR of 47 and a QS of 65. In Week 2, 2337 ranked #12 with an OPR of 44 and a QS of 70. I expect they will leave those numbers in the dust at Troy this weekend.