FRCTOP25 Not Working?

Is it just me or are others seeing the domain expiration screen.

The site works for me.

I get the same thing about the domain being expired.

Domain expired also :frowning:

Time for Mike and Justin to pay the bill.

Sorry guys, not really sure what’s going on right now. Waiting to talk to customer support, I’ve got some great music to listen too while I’m holding however… Hope to have it back up soon!

I am glad you know and are trying to fix it.

Just to update everyone the domain expired because for some reason it wasn’t set to auto-renew after the initial purchase. The domain has been restored but it will now take 24-48 hours for the domain to propagate the internet.

Please keep an eye out for a voting thread coming tomorrow!

Working for me now!!! Yay!

Its back for me now! yay!